Of Demons and Angels

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    This was going to be a comic book centered around the crhistian belief system, due to creative differences as well as differences in our beliefs, this comic was never realised, but it might be a good read.

    As always enjoy.

    Of Demons and Angels

    Our world is a battlefield. Unbeknownst to us, soldiers of The Dark and The Light use our world for their war, a war that has lasted for eons. The soldiers of Light, pure and clean, but as vicious as their counterparts on the battlefield. The soldiers of Darkness, with claws and fang they crawl. But even tough these beings are more powerful than anything we can imagine, they are nothing without us. Cause it is within the hearts of men that the real battle rage. The victims of the world, the lonely, the desolate. In these, who have strayed from the light, the demons find their hold.

    This is such a man, Tomas Nordgren. A couple of years ago, he ran away from his home. It was a good life for a while, he met a beautiful girl. Sometimes he can still remember the touch of her lips and the smell of her hair. But that was a long time ago, now he can only see her accusing eyes and hear the sting of her voice. He got a job at a warehouse for a time, it wasn’t glamorous but it was fun, he had nice companions. Then the warehouse became automated, he and 200 others got laid off in the name of progress, but he still had Jannike, until he told her. The dance of love isn’t a safe occupation, and if you step but one time out of turn, the pain will come.
    He found comfort in the bottle, for a while. But it soon turned to something more, deeper and deeper into the darkness he went. And They welcomed him.


    Pain. It’s the first thing that greets him every morning, the only thing that says good night. He has ways to flee from it, hide. But sometimes at night, when he is alone, the pain finds him. He rose from his bed, he hadn’t bothered to change the sheets, anymore that he had bothered to clean up, what was there to clean? He made his way from the bedroom to the kitchen and opened a bottle of beer, in one gulp he finished it. He cries sometimes, when the darkness is so thick you can cut it with a knife, he wonders why he continue to live, to feel the pain every day. They watch him, he knows this, but he can only watch them when he gets help.

    He walks the streets, looking for his “friend”, Of course his friend wouldn’t care if he was found dead in his bed one morning, but it’s the only one he has these days.
    His name is Johan, Tomas never bothered to find out his last name.

    “Hey Tomas! How ya doing man!” Johan shouted over the crowd, “haven’t seen you for a while, and thought you had forgotten about your pal man!”
    “Sorry about that man,” Tomas said, “I...uhm... I need some help.”
    “Sure thing man, sure thing!” Johan pulled him into an alley, “What do ya need? I got Blue Angel, some White Dreams, and a wee bit of Long Horn. Or is it some company? I got a nice girl, turned 15 last Thursday.”
    Tomas is appalled, he hates him, but the need outgrows the hatred.
    “No, just give me the usual stuff.”
    “Got the money to pay for it?”
    “Yeah about that ..I... I’m a little short this month, you know, maybe I could cred a bit?”
    Johan threw his arm around his shoulders, the touch made him feel sick.
    “Tomas, Tomas… I would love to, I know you would have the money here within the end of the week. But my suppliers want their cut too, and if you don’t pay me, I can’t pay them.”
    “I know, I know” pleading now, “But please, I just need a small fix, just something to taste!”
    Johan smiles.
    “Ok, just because you are a good costumer, here.”
    A small bag change hands, and above them, the darkness laugh

    “Damn! I really thought he would go for it this time” Hate snarled.
    Beside him, Greed and Desolation laughed.
    “Not a chance,” Despair wailed, “that human is mine, body and soon his soul.”
    “And the other one is mine.” Greed hissed, “and his soul is mine already... we are just awaiting his arrival.”
    “Maybe you could try the girl…she must hate him with passion.”
    Hate snarled at them and showed Greed away.
    “Are you crazy?! She BELIEVES!”
    Greed stumbled to his feet and laughed again.
    “So? She still hates and that makes them weak, if her hate is strong enough, they can’t stand up against us.”
    “Yes.” Hate agreed, “Maybe I should pay her a visit, it has been a long time since I tasted their blood.”
    “And it will be a long time a-coming.” A clear voice said.
    The three demons turned with snarls and roars.
    “Turn away from her, you have no right to her.”
    Hate laughed.
    “She calls us of her own free will, remember that? If she calls, we come. And if she calls, you have no claim to her.”
    “Maybe so,” the voice had turned to steel, “but she is calling us to…I wonder how you would fair against us….”
    With a roar, Hate disappeared.
    The steely voice was now aimed at the other demons.
    “You two should leave, release your victims.”
    Greed laughed and began to walk closer.
    “No, little servant, you should leave... your rules does not allow you to interfere until they call you…and my “friend” has not…”
    “Nor has mine...” Despair hissed, “So leave before we strangle you with your own halo.”
    A clear, sad tone rang trough the air and the presence was gone. Slowly, Despair began to follow Tomas in his steps.

    He didn’t go straight home, he visited a drug store were a kind, old man usually gives him a pack of Hot Dogs or a Coca Cola. This day he hears the man has passed on. To his credit, Tomas weeps for him.
    The sun warms his back and he can hear the small birds sing, unusual in the city. But it all fades away once he gets closer to his home, he can feel Despair breathing down his neck. Almost hear the thing cackling in his ear, he rushes inside to close it out but it passes trough the door with ease, for it is a known fact that no door of wood or steel is strong enough to keep despair out of your heart. Tomas knows it is in the room with him, he has to see it, and he has to look it in the face. Only one way, he realizes, only one way to find out what’s stalking him. He uses it. Everything starts dancing, and before long he can see beings dancing with him. Some are small, with the wings of overgrown flies. Others are big and bulky with razor sharp fangs.
    “Please” he whispers and the visages laugh.
    Then he sees, among the dancing and laughing beings, one of such horrible powers, the one that sees trough his eyes, hear with his ears and hides in his heart. All of them laugh at him, all he can do is beg them to stop and leave him alone. But they continue dancing and laughing, so loud, horrible. To the point were he can do but one thing, scream.

    “Let me go, Gillian!” She yelled at him, sword halfway from its sheet, “I can’t take it!”
    The hands holding her do so with regret. Even tough he’s a lot calmer than his furious sister, he hates what is happening, to see the demons crawling over one of mankind. But as it has for eons, the Law prevails and he holds her.
    “Calm yourself, Miyaji, he does not want our help, so we can’t give it.”
    He let’s her go, hoping she will not succumb to her anger, and as reason comes to her, she stands down. Her short hair blows in the wind as she sheets her sword and her blue eyes turn from the window of Tomas apartment, he can still see the anger in them, but at least she’s calm.
    “I wish we never thought of those rules to begin with.” Miyaji said, “We should be able to help them! The presence would want us to!”
    “Yes,” Gillian conceded, “He wants us to but He also knows that if we do, we reduce mankind to little more than sheep to be guarded from the wolves.”
    He looks at her, she looks to be barely 21, but in fact the being before him is older than this world itself, just as him. Then he turns to look once more trough the window, where they crawl over the poor man and not a thing to be done with it. With a heavy heart he spread his wings.
    “Come, Miya, let’s go home.”
    Unable to come to his aid, the guardians of mankind leave Tomas with his demons.


    He wakes up, again with the pain. It’s so dark, so cold. He doesn’t want to feel the cold anymore, he need to get out, into the sun, feel the warmth, feel the…
    “Perfect…” he thinks as he watch the cloudy sky, “but its better out here anyway.”
    And he sits down, trying to chase the memories of last night out of his head. But it turns out, it’s easy to forget the dreams, while nightmares linger on.
    “Cheer up my friend.” A voice speaks to him, “No one is alone.”
    He looks up, the man who stands before him smells like soap and shampoo, his shirt is clean too and his pants are bought in a good store on 67th street. He hates him.
    “Leave me alone!” Tomas shouted, “Mind your own ****ing business!”
    “Of course I will, I only wanted to ask if you needed some help.”
    Tomas’s eyes narrowed.
    “Didn’t you hear me, asshole? I said I don’t want what you are selling! You don’t know first thing about my problems or what I need! So just go **** yourself!”
    The man didn’t seem to mind being shouted at, he just shook his head sadly and handed Tomas a card.
    “Look, my friend,” he said, “I’m not a great believer in forcing people, so if you one day wake up and decide you want help, call this number and ask for George Johansen. Go with God, my friend”
    With that, the man rose and left Tomas sitting with the card in his hand. It took him a minute to look at it, but then he abruptly threw it away.

    They are coming closer, he can see them clearly now, not a blur or a mirage, they are real!
    He can hear them breathing down his neck, and laugh in his ears. He runs through the city he thought he knew like the back of his hand, but he can’t see straight. Alleys become gaping jaws, streets writhing snakes. He runs past it all until he falls.
    He feels something cold under his hand and looks at it, a foot of stone. He let’s his eyes move upwards to hands of stone and stares into eyes of stone. A statue of an angel, outside an enormous cathedral. They are closer now, so very close. He looks into the dead eyes of the statue and the words cross his lips almost silently.
    “Dear God in heaven, deliver me from evil.”
    Then he falls to his knees, accepting whatever fate he might have coming, unable to run anymore.

    Elsewhere, four beings of light takes flight into the dark night, each one intent on protect that with which they were charged so many eons ago.

    The jeering daemons laugh and extend their claws, soon they will rend a soul, tear it apart. The first one is closing in, only a few inches away with his teeth when a sword cuts the leering devil in half. And the tidal wave stops, the daemons snarl and howl when they look into the eyes of those who have come to the human’s rescue. They know them well.
    Fiery Miyaji, the executioner of Sodom and Gomorrah. Proud Gillian, guardian of Eden.
    Two soldiers of light.
    “This one has called us!” Miyaji shouts, “be gone or taste my blade!”
    They don’t listen, of course, the daemons attacks the angels with fangs and claws. The soldiers fight back, and tough they are the first among warriors, no two beings can stand up to the onslaught of daemons. Gillian looks one last time on his companion and then closes his eyes and awaits the end, he always knew he would die in battle, but the last strike never falls. He opens his eyes and stares into a leering face, but it’s the face of one of his brothers.
    “You need any help getting up then, pops?” Rebal said with glee, “I know how you old timers have trouble getting up in the morning.”
    Gillian can’t but laugh as, with a boyish smile, Rebal cuts a daemon in half with his fearsome cutlasses. In a flash he has his sword at the ready and is on his feet, seeing Miyaji and her sister Elizabeth cutting into the daemons in front of them. Back to back the angel fights, and the battle rages.
    For a moment he looks up onto it all, Tomas can’t believe his eyes. The lethal beauty of Miyaji’s strikes, the controlled burst of power from Gillian’s sword. The laughter coming from Rebal’s throat, the arrows flying from Elizabeth’s bow with accuracy worthy of songs.
    Then he again closes his eyes, praying.
    “Missed me, missed me!” Rebal shouted as he ducked from a jab from a large daemon, “now you got to kiss….my cutlass!”
    “By the Presence, Rebal!” Miyaji snarled at him, “stop toying with them and kill the traitors!”
    Rebal smiles at his sister.
    “All in due time, dear Miya” then he laughed and shredded the last daemon with a swift riposte.
    Everyone of them dead tired turned their eyes towards Tomas, as she sheeted her sword, Miyaji stepped forward.
    “Go with God, Tomas Nordgren, We welcome you to the light.”

    It stops raining before Tomas comes too. Looking at the rising sun, he smiles. Today, the daemons in his soul seem quieter. His eyes catch a flyer on a board next to the church door, and he knows what to do.
    The people at the shelter welcomes him, George even gives him the shirt of his back to replace the thorn one he used to have. It still smells of soap, but today, he relishes the smell.

    And above it all, four guardians of humanity watch the sun rise, Gillian isn’t sure, but for a moment he swears he can see tears of happiness in his comrades eyes, he knows they are in his.

    Looking out for the creation is a hard job. Sometimes they feel overwhelmed, but when they look upon Tomas and feel the light inside him, they know. It’s not about winning a war; it’s about helping a soul in need.

    And they have just started on a new day.

    End of Chapter 1
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    A VERY good first chapter, I think. Exciting and certainly an attention-grabber! A wonderful read :D