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    Wheel of Time Character:

    Name: Maera

    Nationality: Aiel Wise One, from the Taardad Aiel of the Nine Valleys sept, and a former Maiden of the Spear

    Appearance: Maera is 5'11, and slender. She has violet-blue eyes, fair skin, and waist length curly red hair. There is a long, thin scar down the length of her arm from her shoulder to her elbow. She wears the typical Wise one garb, but has two knives strapped to her legs. Though this is not typical, she keeps them to remind herself of her former time with the Maidens, and likes the comfort they give of knowing they are there if she would ever need them.

    History: Maera was raised in Cold Rocks Hold, and is Amys' sister-daughter. She became a maiden at a young age, and was later found to have the spark, and a natural ability to heal and to dreamwalk. She has been a Wise One for 5 years. Her strong curiosity led her to question Ewgene about the Aes Sedai, and they quickly became friends. Against strong protests, Maera decided to follow Egwene to Salidar, to find Kelaine Sadai and have her teach the Aes Sedai way of healing.