Now More Than Ever...

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    In the World, Not of the World
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    I see smoke on the horizon, a new fire to engulf old ash,
    Cold eyes glazed over, pockets stuff full of cash,
    Hollow hearts, empty forges, the flame put out by greed,
    Scoffing, scorning the signs, but just wait and see...

    Just smoke, that's what they say,
    Empty words above the fray,
    The world has moved on, from an archaic power,
    Now they build their homes on sand, call it strong tower...

    Fool's folly and blissful ignorance, bite into rotted fruit with haste,
    Blackened insides, infested with worms, they've grown to like the taste,
    The waters rise above their eyes, the encroaching sea,
    It will swallow them whole, just wait and see...

    Lightning falls around our head,
    A mountain of their beloved dead,
    Words fall on deaf and decayed ears,
    Witchcraft and prophecy quell all fears...

    Think jewels, stones, and gems protect against a coming storm,
    Hope burnt away, life sucked out, even as their flesh is torn,
    You can't stop the happening, what will be will be,
    I assure you of this, just wait and see...

    Scales on your eyes, scales in your ears, scales on your soul,
    The serpent's touch is starting to take its toll,
    A constrictor wrapped tight around your family,
    And it's squeezing the life out so handily...

    Ignore the wise man's plea, turn and flee,
    Insist it is you who are truly free, wait and see,
    It's the truth, even if you don't agree, turn and flee,
    This is the martyr's final decree, just you wait and see...