Nothing Fades

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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    Cannot stop the rain
    It's insane
    From this darkened sky
    I know why

    Passion just fades away
    Never does it stay
    Love sadly is not always forever
    So many people are not together

    What we want from the other
    A complete lover
    Someone to stop the tears
    Calm the fears

    Truth and honesty from with in
    Is how a true relationship should begin
    That mind set should stay
    Why does it go away?

    The agony is there
    Beyond what many people can share or compare
    I wish not to feel anymore
    As my heart hits the floor

    Why do you leave me this way?
    I'm still feeling the pain today
    Has become my history

    Broken to pieces like glass
    As the days pass
    The bleeding will not stop
    Until I drop