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    I have Differnt characters depending on my mood when I join a RPG and what type of forum so i will just post them all... If you would liek ot know more about them or would like me in one of your RPG's them PM me...

    Name: Night
    Sex: Male
    Place of Birth: Unknown
    Age: Unknown
    Class: Mercenaries
    Race: Vampyre
    Description: About 5' 11", 165 LBS, Blue eyes that turn a blood red when angry, Shoulder length dark dark brown hair (tips turn a whiteish tint when angry)
    Background: Unknown... Woke up in an alley-way without any memories, the only hint to his prior life is a Tattoo/Carving in his arm that reads "Zagith Mech Tiq Rodwiquen" But he does not understand it...
    Bio: A Vampyre Lost and confused, Wondering of his past, his Sire, and What his tattoo means...
    Weapon:Hands with Razor sharp nails, Fangs...

    Name: Night
    Place of Birth: Germany
    Age: 273
    Class: Warrior
    Race: Lycan
    Description: Around 5' 10", 180 LBS, Brown eyes that become Blue when he transforms, Shaggy brown hair that comes down over his eyes and ears...
    Background: Origanlly born in Germany, He was a great man in life and was caught between a war and changed into a Lycan by Gaflo (another Lycan) as he was dieing... Has spent the rest of his un-natural life looking for answers...
    Weapon: A Gemed Long sword Handed to him by Gaflo as he died... (Oh yea and claws and fangs when he transforms...)

    Name: Night
    Sex: (Human side)Male (Angel Spirit) Unknown
    Place of Birth: (Human side) Maine (Angel Spirit) Unknown
    Age: (Human side) 27 (Angel Spirit) Begging of time
    Class: Cleric
    Race: Possed Human/Angel
    Description: An angel that once Fought along side GOD in the battle for Balance of good and evil... Was Framed by the Arch Angel Micheal and was banished to live out eternity sharing a humans body...
    Background: As a Boy Night was Pick on and disliked by everyone... as a teenager he was was in love with all thigns supernatural, and thus was still disliked... as an adult he was killed by a group of young adults on a dare... He made a deal with god to be the carrier of Night(the angel)'s punishment in exchange for his human life back...
    Weapon: (Human side) An amulet that allows him to access the powers of Night (Flight, light, felling no pain) (Angel Spirit) a Chaos Blade crafted in the fines parts of heaven...

    These are only a few of them. I have more, but these are my favorite ones that I use most often... I might Post some of the others later...