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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    I wish you the best, where ever you go
    You know I will always love you so
    With in my heart I wanted a future with you
    Every word I said was at times painfully true

    I wrote you poems from my soul
    Emotions and feelings are natural beyond my control
    As we spoke of a bright future together
    In our minds at one point we both seen a forever

    I felt the potential sensation of love
    You were the only girl I wanted to dream of
    Then later I find those words you said
    Were not exactly true, as they spin in my head

    It was lust
    Believe me I know how it fades into dust
    As you wish to move away
    In California you feel its best to stay

    I wish I could come with you
    As every part of my heart is filled with love and that is true
    Yet I do not want to leave my family and friends behind
    This is leaving me in a bind

    So what am I supposed to do?
    Just give up and walk away from you?
    I cannot do that, too many have done this to me before
    As it literally destroyed me to the core

    I will support you emotionally
    As I wish the best for you as you like the rest leave me
    With in me I want you to be happy and successful
    Not sad, alone or regretful

    Tears form from my eyes
    As In agony I realize
    You are going to leave down the road
    I feel like I'm being thrown away in Morris code