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    Hi, haven't posted here in a while. I thought it would be a good opportunity to mention that I made a new Conan sword from damascus and I thought some of you folks here would like to check it out and perhaps comment. The pictures of the sword can be seen at Sword forum International, Sword Buyers Guide, and usual suspect forums. I don't know how to bring a link over here but if some one would like to bring pics or link over to this forum from the other forum I would appreciate it. Something I've been wanting to make for awhile. A true warriors weapon, something I feel Conan would have enjoyed on the battle feild. The sword weighs right under 4 lbs and is 44 1/2" total length. High layer damascus al the way through hilt and peened mount. Fully heat treated and tempered, very sharp wel balanced cutter. Not a 10 lbs movie prop. Anyone care to check it out? Sorry I could not post it here myself, am still computer illiterate:)
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