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    Because we have new members joining our ranks almost daily that aren't aware of this latest BREAKING NEWS from United Cutlery I felt it was important to post this thread, and I was one of the most popular ones at the old forum.

    United Cutlery recently was awarded a new license to manufacture more than the already successful line of Replica Movie Swords. UC is now looking at Staff Replicas, Full Scale Helmet Replicas, A Sauron Collection, Axe Replicas, Shields, Bows, Pikes & Spears, Crowns & Tiara's. All of this is due to be released very shortly from UC. Plus additional Swords to come out over the next several years!

    Kit has confirmed that New Swords for 2003 will be added to the already huge Collection! These include
    Strider's Elven dagger with sheath, Legolas' daggers with sheaths, and the Elven warrior sword, all from The Two Towers. Other sword they are evaluating are Theoden's, Eowyn's and Eomer's Swords. And that is just the beginning according to kit who said "Those are not the only swords we will make from "The Two Towers". Just the start".

    Also due to be released in 2003 is The Ranger Scabbard complete with Eating Knife. The first three Full Scale Helms for 2003 will be The Elven Warrior Helm from the prolog battle "The Fellowship Of the Ring, King Elendil Helm, & The Helm of Gimli. Others that they are looking at are King Theoden's Helm, a Uruk-Hai Helm and an Elven Archer Helm.

    The retail costs for many of these products will be higher than the swords due to the complicated manufacturing methods used, especially the helmets. Most of these will be more or less hand made, in limited production runs of 1500-3000 pieces each. I promise to keep you informed on all the latest BREAKING NEWS fro United Cutlery as it comes out.