New Historical Fantasy Series

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    Hi, here's a newbie member announcing a new historical fantasy series: The Gardens of the West.

    This is my first venture into the genre, but some of you may know other books of mine published by Wildside Press, e.g. the Lemnos science fiction series, four plays (a rock musical, a comedy, and 2 historical plays), and some other stuff, all available internationally on Amazon.

    The Gardens of the West is set in an alternative version of Late Antiquity, so instead of Romans, Goths and Huns we've got the Citizen Empire (Eastern and Western versions), the Horse People, the Blood-Drinkers, and so on.

    Here's the blurb to the first volume, The Eagle's Wing, released by Wildside on 23 December 2015:

    "The Empire of the West is in turmoil. Blood-Drinkers are massing on its northern border, political and religious factions are locked in a struggle for power, and the Emperor is capricious and sadistic. Mara, daughter of a chieftain of the Horse People, is abducted by slavers as part of a sinister plot to destabilize the West, and the fast-moving events change the lives of many others, too, including the centurion Thomasius, the slave-girl Manasa, Aulus, good-for-nothing son of a Senator, Florianus the eunuch, and Decimus, enforcer for the only man who can save the Empire -- the General."

    I'm well into part two, which I hope will be published before the end of this year.

    There is more information (including about my other books) on my website.

    I'm planning to launch a competition soon, with free books as prizes, and I'll be doing some readings. The Eagle's Wing was fun to write, and I hope it finds a few readers.

    I look forward to feedback! :)