New fantasy game Alpha Testers Wanted!

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    Hello Gamers!

    Want to try out Realm Adventure League. It's a new game which offers up a unique blend Fantasy Football and World of Warcraft, allowing you manage and influence your own team of adventurers as you attempt to win online ‘virtual player leagues’.

    Realm Adventure League has a lot of similarities to traditional Fantasy Football, with you able to draft players, join virtual leagues (private & public), tweak your line-up and compete in matches against other players. Where Realm Adventure League differs however, is with it’s ability to draw on it’s fantasy RPG setting, introducing guilds, lore, the ability to influence NPCs and unique characters with full background stories, traits and personalities.

    It’s an interesting take on the Fantasy Sports genre, which should appeal to those that enjoy team management and fantasy RPGs alike. The Alpha test for Realm Adventure League starts Feb the 9th and ends on the 19th, and there are $500 worth of prizes to win in giveaways just for taking part. So sign up now if you’re in the market for a unique game that puts the ‘Fantasy’ into Fantasy sports.