New epic heroic fantasy adventure series launched on books.

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    It is an age of magic, swords and different races with unique abilities. An age after the gods that tried to take over the heavens has been expelled to the world below. Where these fallen gods have been locked into their personal hells to be punished for all time or until a time when warriors can slay gods as well as demons and dragons. An age of mages, clerics and the powerful wizards clash against creatures summoned from the depths of a hellish imagination. An age of Citineans, lions that walk upright and speak; Doltars, six foot tall mercenary dogs that favor battle and gold; Chameleons, who can use their body into whatever shape or species they wish and who are an entire race of females; Liftons, a race of thieves with fourteen fingers and a strange religion. An age of Deryeasons, winged creatures that change their color to blend in and they rule the skies and an age of Practaloids who value intelligence above all else but are the most hideous race in the land. It is an age of Mephistopheles, the proudest fallen god who spins his schemes from his private hell the Abyss, a ten level nightmare of beasts, demons, dragons and the undead. He has enslaved various races to protect him from all those that wish to plunder the Abyss for its treasures or to be the first ever in history to slay a god. Welcome to the age of heroes and villains, welcome to the world of Calamafray.
    Mephistopheles has started a ball of plots rolling when he kidnaps the Ruler of Calamafray’s daughter and imprisons her in his Abyss. A message goes out to all of Calamafray to send warriors to the castle and onto the Abyss. The charge is led by an uncivilized human named Cyrus who the gods have deemed worthy of the incredible power of the wizards and he teams up with a shy Chameleon cleric named Westwind; two other Chameleon sisters named Quenelle and Chaminade; a Citinean king named Majunga; a Lifton thief named Thefton; a Practaloid mage named Rhea with her pet falcon Wings and her brought protector Kyzyl, a Doltar who travels with a silent Deryeason named Tostu. There are scores of Doltars at Cyrus’ commanded, a notable one named Darkous who is deadly with an axe. Add into the mix a master Doltar mage Sazyar and his young apprentice Python.
    The prize for the Ruler’s daughter is the crown of Calamafray and a host of beasts, dragons, magic and surprising twists and turns await the eclectic group of warriors. Can they stay together despite their differences so one of them can claim the crown or will Mephistopheles dupe them all with his schemes within plots? Sometimes death is only the beginning and will the group of warriors be able to look into their souls to find the courage to face Mephistopheles or will they cave in to the pressure of fear and become some of the lost souls of the Abyss? Open the book and find out how life is in the World of Calamafray.