Never to be a distant dream

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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    I refuse to run away
    As I have promised I want to stay
    To leave you in the dust
    Having me just as a memory that has faded to rust

    I cannot do no such thing
    To me I see potential, you could be my everything
    I just want to hold you and tell you I'm here
    There is nothing for you to fear

    Believe me I want to stay near
    You are special to me my dear
    When I finally get to look into your eyes
    I will again realize

    That I am falling for you
    This is true
    My heart only belongs to one
    Never for multiple and never on the run

    I'm not lying when I want make some of your dreams come true
    My mission is to get to know you for you
    These words I write and can also sing
    Is the inspiration and happiness to me you bring

    Girl this is not a dream, may this book never close
    For I am a poet that wants love and to give another rose
    Another chapter has slowly begun
    If I am the moon can you be my sun?