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    Name: Eàmanë Ancàlimon
    Race: Elven
    Age: 194
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Long silvery blond hair that rests lightly on her lower back, and silvery grey eyes that have learned to hide true emotions. Enjoys dressing prettily when the occasion calls, yet for adventures and treks is usually dressed in green practical attire.

    Bio: Eàmanë has never known her parents, for just days after she was born her parents were killed in an orc attack while traveling from Lothlorien, her home, to Rivendell to visit relatives. Luckly a kind elf found her in time and brought her back to Lothlorien, where she was raised by the locals. Even though her parents lived in Lothlorien, no one really knew much about them because they traveled so often and kept their lives private.
    Once she was old enough to live on her own, she left Lothlorien and kept to the trails, learning the land and defending both her lovely home, and Rivendell, from threats and trouble.
    It was years ago that she ran into a woman, half elven, and the other half sheltered and hidden from the world, and they adopted each other as sisters, and together moved to a small community and began the Blue Ox Inn, and for years were content, and made plenty of friends. Yet, things change....her sister had pressing matters that had to be resolved, and so left, and slowly the community itself moved away, and the Inn closed, and Eàmanë began to wander again, this time not only keeping threats away, but also trying to find the one who had become her sister, her confidant, her best friend, unfortunatly with no success.

    Occupation: Wanderer of the land, Protector of the peace. Previously known as an inn keeper.

    Abilities: Eàmanë is quite skilled with weapons, after protecting the land enough from orcs and other threats. In addition, she has been known to pull out a violin when there is one handy, and play quite well.