Needed - Dark Fantasy Writer for upcoming board game (Paid)

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    Hello Everyone

    We are looking for a writer to join our team, helping to write a choose your own adventure game book for an upcoming board game. The game is set in a dark fantasy world where humanity has collapsed in on itself after the mysterious Deepwood rose consuming the land and turning cities into islands in a sea of deadly flora and fauna. Its all big monsters and desperate adventurers trying to keep humanity afloat.

    The work will be 1/2-1 day a week for a 6-9 month period that can be spread over the next year and half. This is a paid position which we will be using upworks and escrow to facilitate the arrangement.

    We need a writer who is passionate about dark fantasy. Someone who has an up to date knowledge of miniature based board games and GMing for RPG campaigns.
    We need a writer who has played fighting fantasy books/ choose your own adventure books before and who appreciates the flow/mechanisms involved.
    Ideally the writer will have been published though this is not essential.
    We need a writer with good experience in writing dark fantasy.
    We need a writer who is motivated and capable, professional and able to keep pace with our design team.

    If you think your our writer please send an application explaining how you fit the above, alongside an excerpt of your work to

    Rates are variable on experience.