Naruto: The Next Generation

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    After the fourth ninja war. Naruto got married to Sakura. Sasuke married to Hinata. Sai married Karin. Shino married Isarabi. Kiba married Tamaki. Shikamaru married Temari. Choji married Ino. Rock Lee married Tenten. Neji got revived after the war. Neji got married to Yakumo. Kakashi married Hana Inuzuka. Anko married Yamato/Tenzo. Iruka married Shizune. Kankuro married Karui. Omoi married Kurotsuhi. Kakashi just became the Hokage.

    Tsunade travels the Elemental Nations to help out the other villages with their medic. Tsunade accidentally found one of the Orochimaru's old laboratories. In one of the tubes. The being in the tube looks like a Jiraiya, Dan Kato, Orochimaru, and herself as well. She could tell he been in this tube for 21 years old. In the other tube. She could tell that this being was made by DNAs of Akatsuki.
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