Name of the Orc Commander

Discussion in 'Movies' started by E-Vader, Jan 8, 2004.

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    except it was The WK who said it in the books...
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    OK hi guys! You see in the encyclopedia of arda (a great, no wonderful lotr site for anything and everything you EVER wanted to know about LOTR) it says that gothmog is like a deformed human who resembles an orc. In the movie (not quite sure if this is in the books) it says that if frodo's wound had not have been cured (the one made by the morgul blade) he wouldve turned into a wraith like them. THIS is basically what happened to Gothmog. He is a black numenorean, (like the mouth of sauron), a wraith, and an orc so basically everyone is right on this topic! how great (sarcastic) haha ok hope this helped! ROTK ROCKS!
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