my version of Star Wars ep III

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    Before the film came out, I wrote the story from my own point of view, my own imagination, some things weren't right in it, like the time Padmé got pregnant ao. anyway here it is.

    The Jedi purge​

    It's a time of darkness in the Republic. Three years have passed since the beginning of the “Clone Wars” at the Battle of Geonosis. Many battles have been fought to save the galaxy’s population in several systems. Much of the population of those systems had to be evacuated and taken to safety camps. Because it takes a long time to grow clones the Republic started building academy’s for recruitment of troops. They will get a quick training to fight along the Clone Troopers and the Jedi. They aren’t ready yet though. At the battle of Geonosis, many Jedi Knights died, including members of the Jedi Council. A new Jedi Council had to been formed to discuss the matters of this act of war. Jedi Master Yoda feels concerned because he can't see what will happen now. The Dark side blinds his vision. It is impossible to see what will happen in the future. Nothing will be the same now the “Clone Wars” have begun. If the Republic army succeeds in crushing the army of the separatists, either way the dark side will win. All hope is gone in the galaxy. Hope began to faint in Anakin Skywalker, apprentice of Obi-Wan Kenobi bringing balance to the Force. Anakin secretly married Senator Padmé Amidala after the Battle of Geonosis Breaking his Jedi Code, Anakin would normally be expelled from the Jedi Order. Anakin knew this, but he didn’t care if he had to leave or not. He made a choice. He chose to love Padmé above his chance to become a Jedi Knight. The Jedi Council discussed this matter about Anakin breaking the code, but they allowed him this marriage, thanks to his master Obi-Wan Kenobi. His master defended him, talking about his bravery at the battle of Geonosis. How Anakin saved his master from death, although he was reckless and had to sacrifice his right arm. Anakin used too much anger against Count Dooku. Obi-Wan also said that every help is needed. This war was much more important than the matter of Anakin breaking the Jedi Code. Obi-Wan left to Naboo with a Jedi Starfighter. He had to take a boat cause the home of Anakin and Padmé, Varykino is at the lake country which is only reachable over the water. Padmé gave Obi-Wan a warm welcome. Anakin was happy to see his friend and master again. He also knew that he brought news about the decision of the Jedi Council. Although it didn’t matter to him if he could stay or not, Anakin was happy to hear that he could stay married to Padmé and become a Jedi Knight. But Kenobi said he had to leave with the other Jedi into battle. The separatists attacked in the star system Kowak.. It was a time of war. Anakin thought it would be hard for both himself and Padmé if he left into war. But he had no choice. He had to leave to fight in the war, cause Naboo could also be attacked and if he had a chance to prevent it, he had to take it. But before he could leave, his wife Padmé stopped him.. “Sorry, Padmé, I have to leave. I have to go. I have no choice", he said desperate. Obi-Wan saw how Anakin was concerned and really nervous. Anakin ran from the one room to the other getting his Jedi cloak, his lightsaber. Obi-Wan looked at Padmé and saw that she was a bit sad, she had tears in her eyes.. But there was nothing she could do. She had to let him go. After Anakin picked up his stuff, both Jedi left with the boat, Obi-Wan came with. At the capital, Anakin took a transport, while Obi-Wan took his Jedi starfighter. Both ships headed to Coruscant.

    While Obi-Wan landed in the hangar of the Jedi Temple, he waited for Anakin, cause the transport couldn’t land near the temple. Anakin arrived in about ten minutes, and both immediately went to the Council. Yoda was careful to what he said to Anakin. He is almost sure he is the chosen one, but on the other hand Anakin is impulsive, impatient, reckless. “Anakin! Happy I am to see you back in the temple" Yoda said with a welcome voice. Yoda pleased Anakin again by saying that he earned the rank of Jedi Knight. Anakin feels flattered. He now had everything he always wanted. His love...his dream. He wanted to thank master Yoda, but Master Mace Windu interrupted him. As the right hand of Yoda, Mace Windu told Anakin always to co-operate and listen to his former master. Anakin felt a bit insulted. He wanted to be independent. I am a Jedi knight now! “I don't have to take orders from my equal! "Anakin thought angry about it. Yoda felt it. But it was the best for him. Cause he is still too vulnerable to the Dark Side. Both Jedi made a bow before the council and left. Now three years have passed and Anakin and Obi-Wan fought in many battles in several systems. All Jedi are waiting in the hanger. Obi-Wan told Anakin not to talk about his marriage. If one Jedi knows, more Jedi will want to break the code. Anakin understood. At the hanger Anakin is happy to see his friends Friends like master Luminara and her apprentice Barris Offee. Barris smiles at Anakin, while he smiles back to her. Both remember their old Ansion mission, where Anakin rescued her. Barris Offee didn't show much gratitude then. She is thinking of giving it now with a welcome kiss. Anakin is surprised. He feels charmed and very happy. Mace Windu arrives in the hangar. "No time to waste”, he commands, “let's head to the Kowak system!" While Barris Offee looks again at Anakin, they both smile to each other. Happy trip" says Barris. Anakin nods "You too!"
    In the mean time Padmé is sitting lonely thinking about Anakin. “Anakin, Wherever you are. My heart will always follow you. You will never be alone.” She hears something outside at the lake. Several boats race over the water in high speed in the direction of her house. Padmé takes her binoculars to see what is going on. The boats are armed with heavy blasters. Padmé rushes back inside looking for something to defend herself. She doesn't know what to expect. She presses a button, and suddenly a heavy gate comes out of the water to block the stairs. One of the boats rises its speed. As closer as they reach, Padmé sees these are primitive boats, but heavily armoured. At least 20 men with marked masks and rough armour on each boat. One of them fires an harpoon through the gate. Ten men are pulling at the cable of the harpoon to tare the gate down. The first boat arrives. The other stop in a distance of 20 yards. The men of the first boat run over the stairs to get into the house. But when they are inside they see Padmé left with a speeder boat at the back of the house. All men return to the boat and start to pursuit her. The other boats start to follow. Padmé fires bolts to the boats. She hits a man who drops into the water. Padmé knows she is not in real danger, cause the boats don't use their heavy blasters. This is a hunt, not a kill. She keeps firing with her light blasters. The boats still gain closer to her, other boats turn a little to avoid that the men are getting shot. Padmé is not looking carefully while firing, the boat just goes straight forward. She shoots a few men on the boats who drop as leafs in the water. One of the men gets upset and fires the heavy blaster. Luckily for Padmé, it misses its target. The one who fired the blaster gets shot by the leader of the boat. Padmé keeps firing as she wins terrain from the other boats which are still avoiding her bolts. But one of the leaders orders to race straight to Padmé's speeder boat without turning. He doesn't care that his men get shot or not. All he wants is his target. The boat rises its speed. Padmé turns her head, and sees a big rock in the water. She takes a drastic turn, as do the other boats. She draws near the hanger of the capital, but the other boats are very near. She hopes to get some help at the hanger, but suddenly one of the men takes a weird weapon and fires at her, which hits her in the back. She drops into the water. One of the men dives in the water to get her out. “She'll be alright,” the leader says, “let's turn around and get here out of here!” A guard at the hangar takes a look at the boats with his binoculars. He sees what is happening. Running hard to his speeder, he knows he has to warn the Queen about this attack on the senator.

    While the Jedi Starfighters are escorting the other ships, the gunships and the republic cruisers, the Separatists are preparing for ground attack. Ships of the Trade Federation start to land on the surface. Usual Battle Droids and the Super Battle Droids start marching. Homing Spider Droids, joined by Hailfire Droids walk slowly to the primitive cities which have no defence. Without the support of the Jedi and the Clone Army, these cities are doomed. Anakin is thinking about Padmé while flying. Suddenly he hears Barris Offee through his com-link. "Hey Anakin! Where were you hanging all this time? Some of us really missed you!" Barris says sarcastic. "Euhm, I was still protecting the Senator of Naboo" Anakin says. Barris laughs: "Protecting a senator...must be boring!, I pity you!.” Anakin doesn't answer and still is thinking about his love. He's getting more worried. After a little time the ships reach the system. Everyone sees the Trade Federation ships. The Republic Cruisers spread out to the cities. Landing close to them to build up their defence. The Jedi starfighters land next to the cruisers. The gunships keep hanging above the ground to prepare a quick attack. The carriers drop the AT-TE's and leave to remain out of sight. The Clone Troopers run out of the cruisers, while the Jedi command the citizens to remain in the cities. Afterwards the Jedi spread out and join the Troopers for their command. Anakin stays with Obi-Wan who is appointed as a general. To stay under his command, Anakin feels they are still holding him back. He feels little. All Jedi, as well as the troopers hear the droids marching near the city.
    Meanwhile on Naboo the hanger guard reaches the queen's palace. A guard of the palace stops him asking him with a commanding voice: "What is your business here?" The hanger guard answers nervous that the senator has been shot and taken away with strange, unknown boats. The guard describes to the queen's captain how the boats looked like, and the captain commands to take the Naboo fighters to track the boats down. The Queen fears for Padmé's safety. The fighters fly out in high speed out of their hangers. The Queen orders to make contact with representative Binks on Coruscant. Captain Typho at the senatorial post gets reported and immediately goes to the Senatorial Accommodations. Jar-Jar gets informed and worried. In a rush he wants to talk to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine of this matter. But when the Gungan reaches the office he is blocked by the red guards. "With all thou respect, you cannot enter the chancellor's office!" the red guard commands. “But thesa urgent! Messa have to talk to the Supreme Chancellor!” Jar-Jar yells. But the red guards keep blocking the entrance, and Jar-Jar leaves angry and worried.

    On Kowak, all hell broke loose! Battle droids are firing at the Jedi and the Clone Troopers. While the Jedi and the troopers keep standing at the cities, the droids gain closer. Gunships are firing at the droid starfighters who are easily destroyed. But the Hailfire Droids fire rockets to the Gunships and the AT-TE's. Some rockets even reach into the cities where citizens fall victim to the explosions. The Jedi are deflecting the bolts of the droids. Mace Windu knows it is no use to stay at the city. They have to march to the droids to gain terrain. By his com-link Mace makes contact with the other Jedi Generals. All Jedi command the troopers to march forward. Anakin still stands aside with his former master. Obi-Wan commanded him only to leave at his side on his command. The AT-TE's start walking. Mace tries to contact the Jedi at the other cities too, but some of them don't respond anymore. Mace orders the citizens to evacuate, with the cruisers. There are too many losses. This battle can't be won. They still don't give up though. The defences have to hold, so the citizens can get in the ships. Both Obi-Wan and Anakin are fighting bravely against the droids. The Clone Troopers which don't know fear also keep up. Anakin senses something. He sees Barris Offee in a distance of 30 yards. Anakin runs closer to her as quickly as he can with his force powers. Obi-Wan shouts: “Anakin, NO!” Anakin reaches close to Barris Offee and punches her down with both hands. While punching her, Anakin gets a bolt in his left leg. Anakin screams out of pain and falls on the ground. He can't get up. Barris Offee stands up, runs in front of Anakin and deflects a bolt which almost could have killed Anakin. She keeps standing in front of him cause Anakin is without defence. She takes a quick look at Anakin and sees how he’s suffering. Bravely Barris Offee keeps deflecting the bolts, while Obi-Wan comes to help. "You head strong minded fool!" He shouts worried, “We will have to retreat.” Obi-Wan helps Anakin to get up. Anakin disagrees and says he will try to hold his defence on his knees. "Anakin, this is suicide!” Obi-Wan refuses. “Just do it!” Anakin yells back in pain. Obi-Wan commands Barris Offee to get back to Luminara and order for help. Barris Offee did what was commanded and while running she looks back at Anakin, now deflecting the bolts on his knees. He can barely defend himself. Obi-Wan was right. This is suicide. Obi-Wan almost has to fight for two now, cause Anakin is slower because of the pain. Gunships draw closer, shooting at the battle droids. The Jedi and the troops retreat. Most of the citizens could escape in the cruisers, some died. Most of the cities are destroyed. The question comes why the separatists attacked this system. It is in the outer rim, primitive, lack of technology. As the ships of the Republic leave to get the population into safety, the separatists don’t start a pursuit.
    Some of the Jedi are interrogating with the citizens, about what the separatists want. They have no clue. Anakin is lying at the medical room, being taken care by medical droids. They cannot fix his leg. It has to be amputated. The droids replace the leg with a bionic one. First his arm, now his leg. Obi-Wan is thinking about Anakin being so reckless. He remembers the anger. But this was different. This wasn’t anger what drove Anakin to being reckless. This was something else. Team spirit ,courage, friendship or….love. It can not be! Obi-Wan walks through the medical chambers troubling his mind. Meanwhile Anakin is resting, with his mind open he is thinking about Padmé. He feels something. Danger was near. But suddenly he becomes distracted by a familiar voice. It is Barris Offee. “How are you feeling, slick!” she asks. “I’m feeling very good, thanks!” Anakin answers very polite and optimistic, “Well that’s two you owe me, Barris!” Anakin points at her about the rescues on Kowak and the Ansion mission. “No!” Barris says” You forget I protected you when your leg was hurt!” Anakin smiles. “Okay, Okay! But you still owe me one.” “That’s right!” she says, “and I’m going to repay you now.” Anakin is wondering what she meant by that. She comes closer. Both watch each other in the eyes. Barris smiles, but Anakin doesn’t know what to expect. She closes her eyes and gives him a warm kiss on his mouth. Anakin keeps his eyes open for a few seconds, cause he was surprised. He can’t resist. Her kiss is too warm. He closes his eyes and gets himself pulled in her dream. And a warm dream it is, until he thinks about Padmé and refuses. “No, sorry…no, I can’t!” he says. Barris Offee is surprised by this reaction. “Barris, can we talk about this another time?” Anakin asks. “Sure”, she says. She walks away, not being insulted, but questions came in her mind. Questions she can’t solve.

    A few hours later Anakin falls asleep. He is dreaming. Padmé is running through a dark long room followed by the rough cloaked men from the boats. While Padmé is running as fast as she can she is firing at them. But it is of no use. The dark men gain closer to her. She comes at a cliff, a cliff too high to jump. She turns around. There is no way back. She has a scary look on her face. Slowly the men walk closer to her. Padmé is afraid. She slowly walks back to avoid the dark men. Anakin can’t see their faces. She walks near and more near to the cliff and suddenly she falls. She keeps on falling and falling, like there is no end. As she screams in her fall, Anakin starts to talk in his sleep. “No Padmé…No!” He begins to sweat. Padmé keeps on falling, screaming. Anakin suddenly hears a voice in his dream “Anakin, Anakin, wake up!” the voice says. He quickly opens his eyes and sees where the voice came from. It is Obi-Wan. “What was it, Anakin?” He asks. “Nothing.” Anakin answers” It was nothing.” “You had another nightmare!” Obi-Wan says. It sounded like déjà vu. When Padmé said the same at the lake, asking about his mother. Anakin wants to stand up, but he still feels weak from the battle. “Rest, Anakin!” Obi-Wan says to his friend, “Tomorrow we will reach Coruscant.” Anakin is sure this dream has a meaning. He has to get better and hurry to find out everything is alright with his wife. Anakin can’t sleep anymore. He is troubled by his dreams and about what Padmé wanted to say. This dream has a meaning, he’s is sure of it. Barris Offee is still walking around. She can’t sleep too. Did she feel something for Anakin, or was it just lust. Barris Offee kept on walking for hours. Anakin finally got to sleep. When he wakes up, he’s at the medical care of the Jedi Temple. Anakin feels better and steps out of his bed, but when he walks out of the door he hears Obi-Wan’s voice. “Where are you going? Anakin says he is going back to Naboo to check out if Padmé is alright. He has a determined look. Obi-Wan knows there is no stopping in him now. Still…he tried. “Anakin!…And what about all those people out there! Innocent victims of the war! Don’t tell me you don’t care! Remember what I said in the gunship on Geonosis?” “Yes, you’re right.” Anakin admits. Obi-Wan suspects something. This was too easy. Anakin gave in too soon. Would he now be wiser? “Anakin, we will sent some guards to look after her, if you are worried” Obi-Wan said with a calm voice, “I’m sure there is nothing to worry about.” Obi-Wan promises to Anakin to make immediately contact with Naboo. But when he hears captain Typho talking about the senator being kidnapped or maybe killed, he gets really scared. Scared of how Anakin would react on this. Anakin can’t know about this. He is too unstable. The Jedi need him at the war. If he hears about this, he will be doing foolish things again.
    Padmé’s eyes are closed. She doesn’t know where she is. Slowly she opens her eyes, but her vision isn’t clear, but she hears a voice. “My Lady, are you alright? Are you feeling better?” the voice said. Her eyes are getting better, she sees Chancellor Palpatine, in an unknown area. A dark place. “What happened…Where did you find me?” she asks. Palpatine explains, the pilots of Naboo found her at the bottom of a cliff near the waterfalls of the capital. “You were lucky, My lady.” says Palpatine. “Lucky to be found alive.” “Where am I?” she asks. “You’re in a secret hide-out for your own safety my lady.” Palpatine explains. “My escort will take you to Alderaan, the Senator was kind enough to keep you in safety there, no one will expect you’ll be on Alderaan.” “What about my husband Anakin.” She asks worried. She is thinking of him, how he has to suffer through the war, because of the pressure which lays on him. “Anakin knows you’re safe my lady, you don’t have to worry about him. He knows how to take care of himself.” Palpatine’s happy voice calms her down. She agrees to hide. Padmé didn’t care much about politics anymore, since she fell in love with Anakin. She takes the escort of Palpatine, immediately heading for Alderaan.

    Obi-Wan didn’t find out Padmé was found. He keeps on worrying, how Anakin would react to this. Anakin’s mind was troubled too. Worrying about Padmé, that he couldn’t do something himself. Suddenly he walks against Barris Offee again. She gives a shy look, but so did Anakin. Both ask themselves, how they think about each other, but none of them dares to ask. “Anakin?” Barris asks, “Are you angry at me?” “No, why do you think that?” Anakin responds. Barris doesn’t answer. She closes her eyes and lowers her head. Anakin understands why she asked. It was about the kiss. Anakin doesn’t want to explain why he refused instead he lifts her head with his finger under her chin and smiles: “Would you like to join me for a drink?” They head for a cantina in the third level of Coruscant named ”Shatell’s Call”. Barris and Anakin are sitting at a quiet place to talk about the past. They are proud of what they accomplished on their missions. Talking with lack of respect for their masters. Although both are good friends, and have respect for their masters, they like to exaggerate about their old fashion interests. Anakin admits he is a bit ashamed of how he is treated like a kid. A kid with the title of Jedi Knight, but still treated as a Padawan. Barris wants to cheer him up. She holds his hands and says: “Anakin, you are the most gifted Jedi, I have ever seen, the Force is amazingly strong in you.” Anakin gives a little smile. He looks up to Barris with grateful eyes. “You too, Barris, you are an amazing woman! I’ve never seen such fighting skills in a woman!” “I could still surprise you, Anakin, you may not know what other powers a woman has,” Barris smiles. Although she thinks not, Anakin perfectly knows what she means. She tries to kiss him again, only now Anakin immediately resists. He stands up and turns around. She stands up herself, disappointed and she asks him “Anakin, Don’t you li..” Her words are interrupted by her com-link. “All Jedi are expected in the Jedi Lounge in 15 minutes.” The two leave, without saying anything to each other.
    The Council reported, the separatists were planning to move from Kowak to Ryloth, a system with a huge population of Twi’Leks. A system with modern technology and equipped with weapons to attack and for defence. That is a big relief. Still Jedi Knight Aayla Secura feels shocked. Ryloth is her home world. She is thinking about her clan, she didn’t see for years. She’s afraid something might happen to her clan. Mace Windu feels it. He calms her down, saying the defences can hold until the Jedi arrive. The republic fleet is already in the outer rim. It was just a matter of little time, that the fleet arrives at the system. The Jedi leave the temple, flying to their Hyperspace rings. Aayla is drifted. Flying faster than the other Jedi. Obi-Wan notices Aayla is already in hyperspace while the rest still have to attach to their rings. Obi-Wan commands Anakin to follow her. He is worried she will do something foolish. But then again, Anakin could do something foolish too. The only reason why Obi-Wan chooses Anakin, is because he is a great pilot. Anakin quickly attaches to his ring, gets into hyperspace and tries to find Aayla with his senses. Using a com-link in hyperspace is very difficult, cause of the high speed. Jedi use their mind to make contact with each other. Because of the distance in hyperspace Anakin uses a lot of his strength to get contact with her. Maybe she could hear Anakin but she’s too stubborn and focused on reaching Ryloth. Anakin is trying to navigate into hyperspace, cause he doesn’t know which route, Aayla chose. It’s very hard. His fighter is catching fire, cause it’s not usual and capable of changing course in hyperspace. He keeps using his senses to discover her course and contacting her with his mind. Aayla couldn’t be stopped.

    In the mean time the escort of Padmé almost reaches Alderaan. Unfortunately, Anakin will cross her way. He has to stop his ship and his pursuit of Aayla Secura. Otherwise both ships will crash upon each other. While both ships stop, the escort makes contact with the Jedi StarFighter. The hyperdrive ring is damaged. Anakin flies with the escort to Alderaan. Maybe they could help him, giving him a ship or fixing the hyperdrive. Anakin however doesn’t know Padmé is aboard the escort.
    Landed on Alderaan, he steps into the escort to show his gratitude. He sees Padmé sitting with her head down. She looks worried. She rises her head to see who came in. When they see each other, they are filled with happiness. Anakin runs to her, and Padmé flies into his arms. Both are happy together, but Anakin knows he can’t stay long and has to reach Ryloth. Senator Bail Organa waits for them at the hanger. Anakin apologizes to Padmé and says he has to leave immediately. Padmé understands and accepts it. But Senator Organa explains to Anakin it would be impossible to leave now. Alderaan has no defence, no fighter ships. It’s too dangerous to fly to a system at war without defence. Anakin has to wait until his hyperdrive ring is repaired and warn Obi-Wan about his failure tracking down Aayla Secura. Obi-Wan takes it very well. He is glad, Anakin is unharmed. But now it was up to the other Jedi to get as soon as possible to Ryloth and hope that Aayla won’t get hurt or killed. While staying on Alderaan, Anakin and Padmé have a good time together. The Senator offered them a luxurious room. At his first day on Alderaan, Anakin didn’t want to leave Padmé for a second. All day and all the night, they talk and kiss. The next day Padmé stands up early and visits the senator. They both go for a drink. Padmé talks about how happy she was being with her husband again. A bit later, Anakin also stands up. Anakin goes looking for Padmé to tell her how a great night he had with her. He sees Padmé talking and having fun with the senator. His smile disappears. He feels jealous and hate turns on his face. Anakin doesn’t want that Padmé notices it. So he pretends nothing is going on. Padmé looks up to the balcony where Anakin is standing. Padmé runs up to him and she puts her arms around him. “Oh Anakin, what a wonderful night we had together.” “Yes it was very romantic and exciting.” He smiles. Days pass. Anakin still feels hate when he sees Padmé with Bail Organa. He is also upset cause his hyperdrive wasn’t fixed yet. First he insisted on repairing it himself, but Padmé wanted to enjoy all the time they have left together. A few days more Anakin got really nervous cause it was taking so long. It was familiar the people of Alderaan don’t know much of this technology. Although Alderaan is very modern, they also like to live with nature. Anakin goes to check out if it’s going to take much longer. He sees they ruined it. Now Anakin has to do it himself. He almost has to built a new hyperdrive. As he is busy for weeks, Padmé comes to visit him quite some time. But Anakin isn’t in a good mood, cause of his jealousy and about the damaged hyperdrive. She suffers because of his behaviour. She is also feeling a bit weak. As two weeks pass he build a new hyperdrive attached to the starfighter. He immediately wants to leave for Ryloth. The Battle must be almost over. Padmé comes to greet him one last time. She is sad to see him leave again.. Something is troubling him. In these situations, Anakin can’t be reasoned with. “Anakin, before you go I want to tell you something!” “Can we do this later!” Anakin sneers at her. She is too scared now to say something. With tears in her eyes she says him goodbye. Anakin just nods with angry eyes and a hard low voice “Goodbye…” Anakin climbs in his fighter and flies back into space, while the Senator and Padmé watch. “What did you wanted to tell him?” Organa asks. With a sad voice she answers: “I’m pregnant…”. The Senator doesn’t say anything anymore and holds his hand on her shoulder. Both keep looking at the sky and Padmé is thinking with tears of Anakin.

    Flying in hyperspace to Ryloth, Anakin is still thinking about Padmé. Anakin doubts if he’s really angry on her, or only the senator. He regrets he didn’t say anything to her while staying on Alderaan. He changes his thoughts and focuses on the Jedi on Ryloth. Some parsecs later, Anakin reaches Ryloth. He sees how the Jedi starfighters are being attacked by new improved droid starfighters. Most of the ships still hang in space. He wonders how the battle is on the surface. Obi-Wan is following one of the fighters while he is followed himself by two droidfighters. These droids are smarter, quicker. They can easily dodge the blasters. It is up to the Jedi to foresee the moves they are going to make to destroy them. It isn’t easy for Obi-Wan to avoid the blasters from the 2 droidfighters on his back, while he is still trying to blast the one in front of him. It’s a whole chaos, this space battle. Even Anakin as one of the best pilots is afraid to get mixed in it. He tries to get near Obi-Wan to help get rid of the two droidfighters on his back. He flies straight to him. Front to front and nearly hits him, but is able to avoid his ship and blasts one of the droidfighters. One is still firing at the back of Obi-Wan’s ship. Obi-Wan gives up trying to destroy the one in front of him. Instead he flies straight to another one. If Obi-Wan flies straight on, he will crash on it. Obi-Wan is calculating the speed of his and the droidfighter, to precisely know when they will crash. But instead of crashing, Obi-Wan takes a quick turn near the droidfighter, while the other one can’t take a turn anymore and crashes against the one on Obi-Wan’s back. The Jedi are getting stronger against the droidfighters.
    Obi-Wan orders Anakin to join him to head for the surface. Barris Offee notices it, and follows them from a distance to stay unnoticed. She is not thinking with her mind, but with her heart. The Clone Army is trying to hold against the droids while protecting the cities. Turrets at the city walls fire in the sky trying to hit the droidfighters which fly around the cities. Although they keep holding very well, without leadership and support of the Jedi, it will be harder to win. The 2 Starfighters land in the same hangar of one of the cites. Barris Offee’s fighter lands in the same city, but another hangar. Obi-Wan and Anakin don’t notice it. Both Jedi run to the entrance of the walls. They are trying to get through the Clone Troopers to stand front in line. Obi-Wan orders Anakin to move to the south to take command in that area. Anakin feels proud, more independent.

    In the mean time, Barris is looking for Anakin, but instead she finds Aayla at a small gate wounded in her left arm. Barris Offee came in time, cause Aayla is fighting against hundreds of droids. Fortunately she could hold because the bridge to the gate is so small, and only a few stand in front line. Barris immediately stands aside her. Trying to hold, but she knows they both need help. Through her mind she makes contact with Anakin, requesting for assistance. Anakin is surprised by hearing her voice. He can’t leave, but sends clone troopers to the west gate. As the clone troopers arrive at the gate. Aayla is feeling weaker and drops on the ground. Barris checks if she’s alright. The wound is not bad. She is just tired from the battle. With her healing power she closes the wound on Aayla’s left arm. She lays her down on the back and gets in the fight again. The 3 Jedi and clone troopers hold on. But the enemy is getting more near. Suddenly they see the Jedi starfighers come out of space firing at the droids. More Cruisers land on the surface to give backup. Mace Windu runs in front of them, giving immediately command to attack. More gunships fly out firing at the droid army. Rockets being launched at the Trade Federation ships. They try to escape, but some of them drop back on the surface and explode. Most of the battle droids gets crushed because of the weight of the ships and the explosions. This is a victory for the Republic. Count Dooku is looking down from his ship at the surface. He knows this battle is lost. The weird is, he smiles. “Stupid fools, this war isn’t about winning or losing.” Dooku grins and orders to head back to Coruscant.
    Back in the cruisers Anakin and Barris decided to pay a visit to Aayla Secura. Barris Offee healed her arm well, but it still needs care and she’s still very weak. Aayla thanks Barris for assisting her. Anakin says she fought very brave against an overwhelming power. “It takes a lot of courage keeping up like that, I admire your devotion for you people” he says. By these words Barris feels a bit left out. It looks like Anakin has more attention for Aayla then for her. Aayla answers to Anakin: “Wouldn’t you do the same for your people, Anakin?” “Yes, I would” he says with a smile. The medical droid ask both Jedi to leave, cause Aayla needs some rest. While walking together they feel very happy, which is very rare in a time of war. Anakin smiles to Barris and speaks: “Barris?” “Yes, Anakin” Barris she answers. And suddenly Anakin gives her a surprise by a very warm kiss. They kiss so long…they enjoy it. It looks like Anakin has forgotten about Padmé, or he doesn’t care for her anymore. Though their kiss gets interrupted when Anakin hears a sound, opens one of his eyes and sees a familiar shadow at the corner. It is Obi-Wan! He stops kissing. When Barris sees Obi-Wan, she understands. Obi-Wan gives his greetings and says he wants to speak Anakin in the evening. Later Barris and Anakin walk to her room. Barris invites Anakin in, but Anakin says he’s tired from the battle and wants to rest. Barris gives him a little kiss and smiles. Anakin smiles back and walks to his room. He feels a little guilty now, thinking about Padmé. Was it his feelings or was it pure lust. It is obvious he likes Barris Offee, but love…he doesn’t know.

    In the evening he walks to Obi-Wan’s room who is meditating. He feels Anakin’s presence. “Please Anakin, make yourself comfortable.” Anakin sits down and Obi-Wan opens his eyes. Meanwhile outside the room, Barris Offee is listening at the door. Her curiosity drove her to follow Anakin, to find out what Obi-Wan wanted to talk about. “And how are you feeling, Anakin? You looked very happy when I saw you talking to Barris Offee. You must be relieved that your wife Padmé is safe now on Alderaan.” Anakin is shocked by hearing this. How does Obi-Wan know? Anakin didn’t tell him. There is something going on. By jealousy he couldn’t think about other possibilities how Obi-Wan found out. Barris is also listening. His wife Padmé? He’s married? She feels anger. It feel like she has been used. “All this time Anakin was playing with my feelings”, she thinks. She feels sad and runs away. She stops her anger, she is a Jedi! Jedi don’t give in to anger. Back in the room Anakin answers to Obi-Wan’s question: “Yes master, I am very happy she’s safe now with the senator.” His words were a bit ironic. He didn’t feel good about her being with the senator, afraid to lose her. “Now Anakin, don’t call me master, You have proven your valour at the battles. I’m proud you were my apprentice. You have proven you are truly a Jedi Knight.” Anakin doesn’t feel proud about what Obi-Wan said. He still feels little in opposite to what his master is. Although he is ahead of him. Obi-Wan is always granted more honour and respect. “I’m happy to fight along your side, Anakin. You are a good friend.” Obi-Wan continues. Thank you, ma….Obi-Wan. “Anakin recovers. Obi-Wan laughs. Anakin wasn’t used to call him by his normal name. He has always called him “master” ever since he was a little boy. “If you’ll excuse me now “Obi-Wan”, I have to get some rest.” Anakin says while he steps up. “Okay, Anakin , goodnight!” and Obi-Wan starts to meditate again. Anakin immediately goes to his chamber where Barris Offee waits for him. “Oh Barris! Anakin says surprised, “I thought you were already sleeping” “No, I couldn’t sleep, besides I didn’t want to.” she answers bitter. After she asks “ How are you feeling?” Fine, but very tired.” Anakin smiles and walks further when Barris asks him with an ironic tone: “And how is your wife?” “Anakin stops walking, and turns back to Barris. “Yes, that’s right! I know!” She says with a hard voice. “But…how?” Anakin asks surprised. “I have my sources.” she says. “Barris I didn’t mean to…” “ Oh please, keep your excuses for yourself!” she says upset. She looks very angry in his eyes. Anakin feels guilty and ashamed. “I’m not angry, oh chosen one!” she kept her hard voice. “But you should not try to do this again, or you will have to face the consequences!” Anakin lowers his head as she walks away.
    Seven months pass. Padmé still stays with the Senator on Alderaan, not hearing a word from Anakin. Being sad all the time. The end of her pregnancy is near. The training of the recruits at the academies is also coming to an end. The new troops are needed. Many of the clones died at battle. Victories came, losses too. The senate is desperate. Not knowing what to do. There were also secret discussions to give in to the separatists wishes. Spies kept an eye on the senators. They reported of these secret meetings to Palpatine. He decided to take action on the next meeting in the senate. Meanwhile Anakin hasn’t talked to Barris Offee since they last had an argument. Anakin still feels guilty, especially for being unfaithful to Padmé. Barris already forgave Anakin, but she doesn’t tell to punish him. She doesn’t care for him anymore. Anakin suffers much through his emotions, his nightmares. The nightmare changed. He sees Padmé still running through a dark room followed in slow steps by a dark man, mysterious armoured and cloaked. He can not see his face. The same is that Padmé had to stop at the edge of a cliff. The dark man steps closer. Padmé’s eyes are filled with fear when she looks upon him. He takes off his cloak, so Padmé could see who he is, only Anakin can’t. He only sees her screaming of fear. While she slowly gets stabbed by a red bladed lightsaber. It is horrible to see how she drops on her knees, screaming of pain, and dies in her own tears. At that moment the nightmare ends and Anakin screams. Obi-Wan knows he is suffering, only he doesn’t know of what. It troubles him to see his friend suffer. When he asks for it, Anakin always answers that it is nothing. Anakin doesn’t want to answer cause he is still a little suspicious of Obi-Wan, although they show great friendship to each other.

    Anakin doubts less if Obi-Wan was lying to him about Padmé. Obi-Wan is his friend. He wouldn’t lie to him. On the battles Anakin doesn’t think of Padmé, puts his emotions away and focuses on the enemies and protecting the citizens. Back at his chambers his fear, his anger poisons his mind, which makes him aggressive. Sometimes he goes to the training combat droids. Not to improve his defence, but to give in to his anger. One day he decides to talk to a friend who could understand his problems. He goes to visit Aayla Secura. He lets her swore to secrecy of this discussion, otherwise it could get out of hand. No one can’t know he is married. Breaking one of the Jedi codes, Barris Offee is smart enough to know that also she has to keep it a secret. Anakin explains to Aayla, about his love to Padmé, about his mistake with Barris Offee. He doesn’t tell everything though. Nothing about his anger, his hate, his jealousy. Aayla is known as a very intelligent Jedi. “You fear of how she will react! You care for the girl…very much, but you don’t love her. Your love for Padmé is pure, Anakin. Everybody makes mistakes,
    Anakin, you have to stop punishing yourself. Go talk to Barris about this matter. Barris Offee will understand. But I warn you to keep your duty and your love apart, otherwise it will influence your mind, your soul, much harder than you can imagine.” “I understand” Anakin answers, “Thank you for your time, master Secura.” Anakin leaves and feels relieved, like a rock falling from his shoulders. Although they became pretty close friends again, Barris and Anakin only talk to each other in public, never private. But Anakin keeps on worrying about Padmé. But again he has to leave.
    There are reports that the training of the new troopers are finished. They will join with the Clone Troopers. These knew troopers are know as Stormtroopers. When Anakin sees them, he notices their armour is slightly different than the one from the Clone Troopers. It is lighter but still hard to blast. The helmets are modified to improvement of vision, climate and comfort. They carry heavy blasters, but not as heavy as the ones from the clones. Anakin suddenly gets pain in his head. He gets a vision, of the stormtroopers in a grey environment. They suddenly begin to stand in formation as he sees a black armoured man, with a scary iron mask. The man breaths as load as a Krayt Dragon. What this vision means, still remains a question to Anakin. This man must be important, but he felt something familiar. It is time to continue. Large new republic cruisers fly above the old ones. Now there was no chance of losing, with these new weapons, ships, armour, troopers. This will be the end of the Clone Wars! The Cruisers spread out over the entire galaxies. Only one of those cruisers has enough firepower to destroy a whole fleet of federation ships. It scares Anakin a bit, like all the other Jedi. War is never a real victory. There will always be losses. These cruisers called “Star Destroyers” start to spread out with the other old cruisers. It was just a matter of hours. All the Jedi were actually overconfident. Victory was near. Yoda senses something in his meditation chamber. He isn’t joined by Mace Windu cause he is helping the Jedi and the troopers. He senses that the war maybe over in a few moments, but the shroud of the Dark Side will remain. Still the Jedi are blind in the darkness. The Dark Lord of the Sith is far from defeated.

    Supreme Chancellor Palpatine is now addressing the senate. “I am deeply hurt of your lack of courage, senators. While the brave are fighting for our cause, you didn’t even dare to take decisions. That is why these emergency powers were granted to me! Cause I dared to stand up cause I believe the republic. At least… I did. Now I believe new leadership is needed to show the galaxy how strong, how powerful we can be. The republic will fall and now becomes an empire! With this power you gave me I empower myself to grant myself the title of Emperor for life! Obey my wishes, or leave at once!” The senators disagree but don’t have the courage to defend the republic. And some who resist, are taken away by the new recruitment, the stormtroopers. Meanwhile the battles are won. All droids have been destroyed. Poggle the Lesser, the Viceroy and other members of the Separatists are captured, but no sign of Count Dooku. The Jedi come together in one of the new cruisers. Celebration of hope and peace will come to the galaxy now the war is over. The Jedi are overjoyed. The ships move back to Coruscant. Anakin hopes in seeing Padmé again, to tell her how he regrets his acting on Alderaan, to tell how he missed her. Tears fell out of his eyes, tears of happiness. He gets a call from Palpatine to tell Padmé is with him. Anakin can’t wait and takes his Jedi Starfighter. Mace Windu is asking one of the officers of the ships why it is taking so long to reach Coruscant. Suddenly the officer holds up a blaster and points it to Mace. “Please remain calm, sir. The troopers will escort you to your cells! Do not resist sir, or we will have to use physical force!” Mace Windu doesn’t understand. He only takes his lightsaber by a quick reflex and cuts the blaster in two. He takes a quick jump to get to the other Jedi. While he runs as quickly as possible, he is avoiding the bolts the stormtroopers fire. Mace Windu commands: “All Jedi, draw your lightsabers, it is a trap!” Everyone take out their lightsabers. There were about 200 Jedi in each cruisers. 200 Jedi against an overwhelming power of more than 10.000 stormtroopers. The clones couldn’t assist. They were in the older cruisers together with other Jedi which are getting destroyed by the new cruisers, the stardestroyers. Luckily for Obi-Wan and his friends they have a chance for surviving. Obi-Wan is thinking of Anakin. He is happy for his old apprentice that he didn’t got sucked into this trap. The Jedi run away while deflecting the bolts. It slows them down. Some don’t deflect the bolts and keep on running, some got lucky and don’t need to deflect them and can avoid them with smart moves. The Jedi try to escape with the pods, they run into the hallways, jumping in big larger rooms from one level to the other. The stormtroopers keep on firing at them, and some of them don’t survive when they jump or run away. Some are killed in the pods by the large cannons of the stardestroyers

    Only 1500 Jedi survive of all the Jedi in the galaxy and manage to reach the surface of Coruscant. It is a real disaster. The Jedi head to the Jedi Temple. It is obvious there has been some betrayal. Mace Windu joins Yoda at the council making contact by hologram with Palpatine. Only Yoda knows he is now an emperor. Mace Windu was in such a rush, he didn’t give Yoda the time to explain. Yoda is troubled. He sees the Jedi die in the Star Destroyers. Dying by the exploding escape pods. How the Jedi are resisting against the stormtroopers in the temple. Palpatine appears on the hologram. Mace Windu speaks in a rush “Chancellor, I request for help immediately, the Jedi are fighing against a huge overwhelming army. They are breaking into the temple. We can barely hold. It was a trap!” Yoda interrupts Mace: “He knows…” Palpatine smiles and says: “Indeed I do, Master Yoda, the time of the Jedi’s glory has ended!” “The end it is not, Darth Sidious” Yoda replies. Yoda found out the true identity of the dark lord of the Sith, unfortunately too late. He also found out why the separatists attacked the primitive planet Kowak.. They found secret mining colonies where a special strong iron is hidden called “Verlon”. They will probably use it to build something strong, something powerful. “Your shroud has done well in your treacherous ways, Sidious. The Jedi will always remain with the people. The power of the light is among them! See trough your evil plans they will! “All the Jedi will be diminished” Sidious shouts, “Your time has ended!” Mace Windu points Yoda to it, that every Jedi who remains has to escape, and will re-unite in a secret gathering point. The transports and the fighters evacuate. Some of the transports get destroyed, most of them manage to escape escorted by the fighters.
    Count Dooku is standing next to Palpatine. “It is time for the third phase of my plan. Bring her to me.” Palpatine demands. They open an iron coffin with holes, where Padmé lies in. She is looking with no emotions on her face. Just standing there doing nothing, like she is being drugged. Palpatine gives the command to kill her. Count Dooku stabs her right through her heart. To his surprise he hears a scream “NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” It is Anakin. Palpatine screams: “Anakin! Please, please help me”. Dooku turns his face to Palpatine and smiles. Now it is time to find out who is the one who will stand at Palpatine’s side. Dooku is sure he will win. But Palpatine knows of Anakin’s secret power. Anakin looks to the dead body of Padmé. Tears fall over his cheeks. Filled with anger he looks back to Dooku. “Happy to see me again boy?” Dooku laughs sarcastic. Anakin ignites his lightsaber. His anger and hate is all over his face. Still he has control over himself. If he wants to win this fight he has to control himself. He can’t allow the same mistake he made the last time he fought with Dooku. Now Anakin waits for Dooku to attack. He senses the anger in Anakin. He feels Anakin’s power and starts to panic. In a rush Dooku makes a move and immediately tries to stab Anakin. But Anakin jumps over him, which causes him to fall on the ground. “You’re getting slow, Dooku!” Anakin says with a low voice. Anakin doesn’t make a move. Dooku stands up. Again he makes a quick move and tries to slash Anakin in his back. Anakin blocks his lightsaber by his side and pushes Dooku against the wall with a Force push. Dooku is no more match for Anakin. Although Dooku’s moves are getting faster, Anakin always for-sees them and is able to block them. Anakin could have easily killed him by now. But that is not yet his purpose. Dooku walks a bit back to gain strength. He is breathing faster. “Now I will give you a gift, a gift you gave me, Dooku!” Anakin throws his lightsaber which slashes through Dooku’s right arm. Like a boomerang the lightsaber flies back into Anakin’s hand. Dooku doesn’t scream, but he feels the pain. Anakin gives him a chance to pick up his lightsaber. He throws the lightsaber through his left knee which causes him to drop. Still holding his lightsaber Dooku blocks the blade of Anakin to protect his head. He could have easily cut through his head. He is just playing a sadistic game with him, because of what he did to Padmé. The fight keeps on. Dooku is defending himself on his knees, while Anakin simply slashes him several times on his shoulder. At the end Anakin slashes through his left shoulder. He shuts off his lightsaber. Dooku can’t hold his lightsaber anymore. He is bending over, trying to keeping himself up with his left arm. Anakin walks slowly behind him. He ignites his lightsaber again. Palpatine is watching and knows this is the end of Dooku. A new apprentice has arrived. Dooku turn his head to Anakin with a worried face. Anakin has no mercy and slashes through his back. Dooku drops dead on the ground.
    Palpatine restarts his act. “Thank the Force, you came in time, Anakin, I owe you my life.” “No, I didn’t come in time.” Anakin says with a sad voice. He drops on his knees next to the dead body of Padmé and cries out. Palpatine lays his hand on Anakin’s shoulder. “I’m sorry, I came too late. He killed my red guards. When I ran into my office I saw her getting stabbed by Dooku. If you weren’t here, I would have been dead too. If only you weren’t pulled into this war by the Jedi. Maybe none of this would have happened. It wasn’t your war, Anakin. I said it before. You are the strongest person in the Force, I have ever met. If the Jedi didn’t lure you into their plans. If they didn’t use you!’ Anakin looks up to Palpatine. “That’s right, Anakin, they used you. Using you for their own plans. The Jedi have lost their function as defenders of the galaxy. They failed in defending it.” Palpatine tries to get Anakin’s attention by his lies. Anakin refuses “That is not right! If the Jedi didn’t help…” Palpatine interrupts: “ Yes, Anakin! But who was there to help you? To help her?” Anakin stands up: “You’re right, none of them saw this coming. Not even me. Cause they were holding me back. It is the Jedi. It was Obi-Wan who kept me little. Manipulating me, like he was my friend. I could have been stronger and could have stopped this. This is the second time I fail to save the one I love…” “Indeed Anakin, says Palpatine. “Who prevented you to stop the death of your mother.” With an angry voice Anakin answers: “Obi-Wan!!!” Anakin walks away “Excuse me, excellency…” Palpatine grins while Anakin runs back to the temple. He sees the temple is on fire. It is completely deserted. Dead bodies of stormtroopers and some Jedi are all over the place. All the starfighters are gone, some are destroyed. Back at Palpatine’s office, he is commanding the officers and some stormtroopers. When they leave, he asks to take the dead body with them. An officer asks: “Is this the Senator of Naboo?” “No, you idiot! She’s a clone! A clone grown by maximum growth acceleration. She has no mind, she’s like a slave and has no feelings or emotions. She is built for one purpose. To be killed and to put Anakin on a sidetrack. Burn the body and bring the real Senator to me!”, Palpatine orders. That was the purpose of kidnapping Padmé. To get her blood and make a clone. That’s why she was found so quickly.

    Meanwhile the transports of the Jedi are spreading out over the entire galaxy. Obi-Wan is heading to Alderaan to warn the Senator and Padmé. Once he reaches the surface he sees about ten stormtroopers, who probably come to assassin Padmé. Obi-Wan immediately opens fire and kills them all. He lands and is blocked by a guard. Obi-Wan uses a mind trick cause there is no time for explanation. “You will bring me to Senator Bail Organa!” “I will bring you to Senator Bail Organa!” the guard responds. Obi-Wan arrives at the office. The guard heads back to the hanger. The senator asks what is going on. Obi-Wan answers: “The Jedi have been betrayed and the stormtroopers turned against us, some of the Jedi escaped and are waiting to fly to the gathering-point. I fear Padmé is in danger here, Senator. I fear for Anakin who has been lured into a trap, and is probably under the influence of the dark lord of the Sith.” “There is not much time” the senator responds, “Padmé will soon give birth to her children.” “Her children?” Obi-Wan acts surprised. “Yes, of twins, a boy and a girl.” A handmaiden drops in: “Senator, the time has come!” Both the Jedi and the Senator go to the medical service. “Padmé gave birth to her children named Luke and Leia. She has tears of happiness but is also sad, Anakin couldn’t join her on this happy moment. But she is glad to see Obi-Wan again. Obi-Wan holds Luke in his arms. It is almost like the boy thinks Obi-Wan is his father. Obi-Wan smiles to the babies. But he warns Padmé to leave, cause Obi-Wan knows, Dooku spoke the truth on Geonosis. Hundreds of Senators are under the influence of the Dark Lord of the Sith. Bail Organa explains, he could not be at the senate, cause he had to stay for Padmé’s protection. “We must leave now, My Lady” Obi-Wan says worried, “We will have to take you and the children to Dagobah. Master Yoda is waiting for us there. It is a very primitive planet with no population, but no one will suspect you are there, Padmé.” Padmé feels weak but agrees to leave for her own safety, but especially for the safety of her children. The senator has to stay on Alderaan, otherwise Palpatine will suspect something, he helped Padmé and the Jedi, what could endanger the planet. The Senator gives them a fast ship. An ordinary ship, which possibly won’t draw the attention of the Star Destroyers. As the ship gets safely into hyperspace.
    A few hours later the ship arrives at Dagobah and Obi-Wan finds a safe spot to land. Yoda is waiting for them. Padmé still feels very weak while she walks out the ship. Obi-Wan helps her carrying the children. Yoda welcomes them “Lucky I am, to see you alive Senator. But safe here for long, the children will not be!” “Master Yoda, I fear for Anakin. The dark lord has manipulated his mind. I will have to get back to Coruscant, hoping I can get him out of his nightmare.” “Yes, you must hurry, Obi-Wan! All hope lies in the hands of young Skywalker” “If the prophecy is still true, balance Anakin will bring to the Force” Obi-Wan doesn’t really care anymore of the prophecy now, he feels hopeless now many Jedi have died and the rest is spread out, hiding. “Stay here, My Lady, I will do my best to get Anakin back” “Thank you, Obi-Wan” Padmé says with a weak voice”

    In the mean time Anakin returned to Palpatine. Palpatine knows what he saw in the temple: “You must not think about it, Anakin!” “You are free now! You don’t have to worry about the Jedi! It is obvious they betrayed you, leaving you behind here!” But you are safe now with me! The Jedi are giving the people false hope. They speak of the prophecy of balance of the Force. But is all a lie! A lie to the people to give them hope, which makes the Jedi stronger, and the people more weak by their overconfidence. If you give them a hand of hope, they will slug up your whole arm. You must see it as a circle, Anakin! A circle of time and life. Life cannot exist without chaos, without power, Cause that is what you felt, Anakin, when you were fighting Dooku!” Yes, I felt powerful, more powerful than I could possibly imagine!” Anakin responds. Palpatine continues “You have a great purpose in this circle, Anakin” While we control the people, we will give them leadership. Cause that is what’s missing. There is chaos all over the galaxy, cause there is no leadership. It is our duty to bring leadership. With violence if needed! But it is for their own good. Without discipline, without a hard hand, the population of the galaxy will get weaker and fall apart! Stand aside as my apprentice, Anakin! Your destiny lies with me, the Jedi knew it to be true, only they didn’t allow, cause they were afraid to lose you. You were too valuable to them. Afraid of your power, they kept you small. Forget about the past. It is only sorrow and dreadful memories. This is a new beginning for you. Stand aside me as a Sith Lord. The most powerful Sith Lord history will know!” Anakin forgets everything. All he is thinking about is revenge. He isn’t thinking rational. Revenge and power are the only things his eyes are fixed on. He isn’t proud to stand alongside the great lord of the Sith, he wants to draw his power out of the dark side, use it to get his revenge. But Anakin knows he will have to resist sometime. Otherwise he will be captured in the dark side forever. He doesn’t trust Palpatine, he only wants his help to learn about the dark side. He wants to use the Dark Side, not to be used himself. As a sign of trust he kneels for Palpatine, his new master, the Emperor. “Your name will be feared through out the galaxy, my apprentice. Now stand up and take your place at my side, Lord Vader!” It has begun. The most fearsome Sith Lord is born. Darth Vader!
    His new title Darth Vader, doesn’t mean anything to Anakin. All he wants to do is learn about the Dark Side. Anakin thinks he will still bring balance in the Force, he learned about good, now he has to learn about evil. Anakin is certain nothing will take a hold on him. As he steps out of the room in his new Sith outfit, he feel courageous, and is ready to learn and take revenge. The Star Destroyers are spreading out. Anakin gets aboard of one of them to join the stormtroopers, tracking down the Jedi. Some Jedi managed to hide, some still fly in open space. They try to get passed the Star Destroyers. These big ships are not easily turned, but it is still hard to avoid the cannons. Anakin is staying on the bridge of one of the Star Destroyers. He looks through the windows and watches how the Jedi Starfighers are followed by the blasters. Hundreds of new model fighters fly out of the Star Destroyers. Small, fast fighters with Solar Shields. At least each five of these so called “Tie Fighters” are tracking one of each Jedi Starfighters. There is no chance of escape, how hard they try to avoid the bolts of the “Tie Fighters”. Anakin doesn’t care to see the Jedi die. His hate for them is only growing. He feels no mercy for them. Suddenly Anakin feels something in the force. It is his former master Obi-Wan Kenobi. Anakin orders not to harm him. He will deal with his old friend later. Obi-Wan watches how his Jedi friends get killed and he suddenly hears a voice in his head. “Leave this place, you cannot survive this battle!” Obi-Wan knows it is Anakin. Obi-Wan may have lost hope saving his Jedi friends, he has not lost hope to turn Anakin back to the good side, cause it was Anakin who warned him to leave or he would be killed too. With great sadness Obi-Wan turns around and gets back to Dagobah. The ship cannot go into lightspeed and it is followed by one of the Tie-Fighters. For the Sith and the Empire, the mission is a success. Again many Jedi died. But the Jedi Purge will continue. Anakin heads back on the Star Destroyer to Coruscant. Later Obi-Wan arrives at the planet Luficior, he has sensed, he was followed by one of the Tie-Fighters, not to kill him, just to track him down. That is why Obi-Wan didn’t go to Dagobah yet. The risk is too high, more fighters would come to Dagobah and Obi-Wan would betray the location of his friends. Now the Tie is out of defence, Obi-Wan takes a quick turn at the fighter and open fire. It explodes and Obi-Wan heads to Dagobah.

    Months pass by as the Jedi are getting all killed, only few manage to escape and try to hide. Obi-Wan helps Padmé, who is getting more sick. She is too vulnerable and too weak to survive in this wild jungle-like environment. Her children are crying, she is crying of her loss. Obi-Wan and Yoda are having a conversation. They are also talking about their losses, but also of new hope. Anakin helped his friend to escape. He still could be turned. If not, the only hope in the galaxy lies on his children. It is sure Luke and Leia will have an important cause in the future. Nor Anakin or the emperor must know of their existence. “Obi-Wan!” Yoda speaks “Rest has returned into the galaxy although now, we live under the influence of an evil Tyrant! Take advantage of this rest you must. Take the ship, but not the fighter! Stay unnoticed you have! Reach Anakin you must and convince him. I sense Anakin thinks Padmé is dead!” “But Master how is that possible, how could Anakin get lured so easily!” Obi-Wan asks. Yoda explains to Obi-Wan, Anakin did saw Padmé die. “A Clone Palpatine made, without a mind, without feelings. The Clone wasn’t aware of life. Only made to die, she was!” It is clear to Obi-Wan, Anakin saw the clone die, and thought she was Padmé. He got angry and greedy for knowledge of the Dark Side to get his revenge! “I will return, master! I will try to convince Anakin and bring him back here!” Yoda looked proud to Obi-Wan, although he felt he was too overconfident. Padmé heard Obi-Wan speaking of Anakin. But she doesn’t react. It is like she is living in a world of her own now. She shows no emotions on her face, but her heart is broken.
    Obi-Wan takes the ordinary ship to head for Coruscant. When he is flying above the big city he notices they are building something big. A palace for the Emperor. Only the palace itself smells to the dark side. Coruscant has changed in these months. Growing darker, stronger, but also weaker for the population. Surrounded by military camps it is like the planet is one big prison. Imperial Stormtroopers walk among the people whose privacy has taken away. While spying on the troopers, Obi-Wan finds out some Jedi are hiding on the planet Rutan. Anakin decided to take care of them himself. Rutan is in the Outer Rim. He is in the Core. It is impossible for Obi-Wan to catch up with Anakin now to prevent the kill. Obi-Wan takes back his ship and sets for Rutan with hope to meet Anakin there, but he’ll probably be too late to safe the Jedi. Anakin, now called Darth Vader reaches the planet, and senses the Jedi are nearby. He orders the troops not to follow him. He will take care of the Jedi alone. Vader doesn’t care how many Jedi he has to fight with. He has become more powerful now, more powerful than any Jedi in the galaxy.

    Vader uses a shuttle to land on the surface and flies out with a speeder. All night long he tries to track the Jedi down with his the Force. Vader senses he’s getting closer, but the Jedi probably sense it too. The Jedi build a camp to survive, getting supplies out of the woods. A primitive life, but a life which has survived the Jedi Purge for almost a year. Vader reaches the camp. He hears lightsabers are ignited, cause they fear his coming. With a mighty Force Pull he lets the huge gate crash on the ground. Slowly he walks inside. The closer he gets, the blinder he becomes. Blind of the past. He sees with his own eyes it is Mace Windu, Aayla Secura, Luminara, Barris Offee and other Jedi which are hiding in the camp. Mace sees Anakin. All the Jedi turn their sabers off. He sees how he has changed. Wearing an armour in a black uniform with a dark cloak and heavy black boots. His face is entirely white. Mace sees the blood veins on his face, grown out of hate and anger. His eyes are look like fire. “Anakin! Snap out of it!” Mace yells. “Don’t you remember us! We are your friends! We have always been for years! We have given up all hope in seeing you again. We thought you were killed during the Jedi Purge.” Vader alias Anakin answers slowly with a low, cold voice: “No!” Vader ignites his lightsaber. Mace senses the dark side in him. All his friends look upon Anakin with scary eyes. Mace takes a strong look on his face. He doesn’t want to kill Anakin, but he can’t allow him to kill the other Jedi. He has to disarm him. It is Vader who waits for Mace to attack. They keep looking at each other, doing nothing. Both don’t want to attack first, until one of the other Jedi starts to panic and gets in attack. Fallen to his fear, the Jedi gets immediately slashed in two. Mace looks upon the body with a surprised look. But still, he doesn’t want to harm Anakin. he is innocent. He is a victim who became a slave to the dark side. Mace has no option and has to attack. Vader uses Force lightning to knock him out and throws him into a corner. Mace falls unconscious. Aayla Secura gets in attack and can keep on pretty well, or Vader was also just playing with her like with Dooku. The other Jedi watch while they are fighting. They are too scared to take action on their own. But Luminara decides to help Aayla. Now there was no playing anymore. Anakin takes a jump over Aayla, quickly turns and slashes her in the back. Luminara gets pushed back and falls on her head. Barris Offee runs to give her some help. She checks out if Luminara is okay. She is not hurt bad, but it is too difficult to stand up. Barris quickly stand up again to defend her master against Vader. But Vader runs to the other Jedi, who are absolutely no match for him. One by one they fall like leafs.
    It is only him, Luminara and Barris Offee now. Mace Windu still lies unconscious on the ground. Barris Offee yells with a mighty voice: “You will not get passed by me, Anakin!” Vader doesn’t react to what she said. His face shows not one change of emotion. Anakin lifts the body of Luminara up with the Force, who screams of pain. She flies right through the wood of the roof. Barris looks up and sees her former master hanging in the air. Vader lowers his arm, and Luminara drops back on the ground breaking her neck. Barris feels furious, still she has to remain calm if she wants to survive this fight. This isn’t going to be easy for her. Fighting against one of her best friends. But she has no choice. She tries to reason with him, talking about the past, the fun the drama they have been through. How they both survived many battles. Vader doesn’t react. He completely forgot everything about his past. Vader walks slowly to her. She is shaking of fear for him to strike. Vader makes a move close to her face. She is able to block. She can’t hold, so she jumps over him. Vader makes a quick turn and blocks her attack on his back. Vader tries to slash at her legs, she jumps into the air to avoid his blade. But then Vader punches her on her shoulder, she falls on the ground. She quickly stands up. Vader uses a Force grip to lift her up. She can hardly breath. She drops her lightsaber on the ground. Vader steps near her and stops his grip. She falls back on her knees, trying to catch her breath. She looks up to Vader with fear in his eyes. “Anakin, don’t, please remember what we together as friends.” Vader doesn’t react and he stabs right into her chest. Barely alive she tries to say “But…but…I love you, Anakin” While she finishes her sentence, Vader takes his saber slow out of her chest and she drops dead on the ground. Vader doesn’t care for what she said. His heart is as cold as ice.

    Meanwhile Mace begins to recover. His eyes open and he sees all of his friends are killed. Only Vader still stands up. Vader wants to walk away, but Mace Windu stands up and yells: “Anakin! We are not through yet!” Without knowing, Mace uses the dark side himself. It was too much for him to see his friends dead. Mace is fast and turns his sabre to Vader’s head. Vader dives on his side quickly to avoid his blade. He turns back to Mace and uses his Force Lightning again. Mace turns, rolls right over the ground and Vader misses. With a double quick Force jump, he gets out of the camp. Outside Mace is waiting for him. When Vader shows his face outside, Mace throws his lightsaber aiming at Vader’s head, but he blocks it just by using his hand and the sabre drops on the ground. Mace is amazed of his power. With a fast Force pull he draws his lightsaber back; Vader pulls a second lightsaber from one of the dead Jedi’s hand. In the mean time Obi-Wan lands on the planet and starts his search Anakin. He senses a disturbance in the Force. Obi-Wan is running as fast as he can to find the camp. Vader is fighting with two lightsabers now against Mace. Mace jumps and blocks to defend himself, it is impossible to attack. He tries to jump over Vader to slash his back, but with his other sabre he blocks it. Mace still tries to push through his back. Trying to push harder, then so is Vader, But Vader turns and glides his sabre around together with the one of Mace. Both look into each other eyes again. Vader sharpens his eyes, Mace too. Both cross their blade and try to push them against each other. Mace blocks his sabre with both hands, Vader with only one. Mace forgets about Vader’s second sabre. As they both keep blocking and getting near each other, Vader slashes Mace in his belly by one quick move with his other sabre. Mace doesn’t give a kick. His eyes stay open, as he drops dead in the grass.
    Vader turns around, when suddenly Aayla Secura crawls outside the camp. “Anakin,” she cries with a weak voice, “What about Padmé?” By these lasts words she falls back on the ground and dies. Hearing Padmé’s name, Vader’s eyes turn blue again. He sees the history of Padmé and himself before his eyes. He is Anakin again and starts to cry. His tears are of blood sticking on his skin. Anakin drops the lightsaber from the dead Jedi on the ground. He is still holding his own in his right hand. Looking at the sky he screams it out! “PADMEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!”. Obi-Wan hears the echo of Anakin’s scream in the sky and runs faster to reach. Anakin’s face is fully covered with blood. With a sad face, he walks back to the shuttle. He needs to think. He needs to talk to a friend. He can’t go to Palpatine. He doesn’t trust him. Palpatine knows this, but as long as he stays his apprentice, he is too valuable and won’t be in danger. Anakin decides to head to the planet Lucifior, where the last trace of Obi-Wan was found. He suspects Obi-Wan is hiding there. The shuttle alone heads to the planet, the star destroyer stays in orbit around Rutan. An officer sends a message to Coruscant, reporting Anakin is heading for the planet Luficior. They don’t know what his business will be there. Obi-Wan arrives at the camp, seeing all his dead friends. Obi-Wan is shocked but knew this would happen. He only hoped to find Anakin there too. He senses he was here. Obi-Wan runs back to his ship in hope to find Anakin.

    When Anakin arrives he orders to let the shuttle land and immediately head back into space and wait for his call. Anakin will face Obi-Wan alone if he is really here. Luficior is a planet which is dying. The entire surface is covered with high black rocks, black mountains, volcanoes, lava rivers and pools. There is no life here, only death. Fire shoots out of the lava. Anakin doesn’t sense anything. Obi-Wan is not on this planet. It didn’t really matter. He also needed to be alone, needed time to think. He doesn’t know Obi-Wan is heading back to Dagobah. But to reach Dagobah you have to get passed Luficior. Obi-Wan sees the shuttle and feels Anakin is on the surface. Anakin is thinking of his mistakes. It is his fault, many Jedi died, his mother died, his love died! He can’t live with the pain. He is standing at the edge of a lava pool. Tears of blood fall out of his eyes again. Suddenly he hears the voice of Obi-Wan: “Don’t!” Anakin turns his head to his former master. He feels happy in the beginning. “Obi-Wan, you found me!” “Yes Anakin, come back with me. Don’t let the Dark Side take you! It is not worth it, I don’t blame you for what happened to the Jedi, it wasn’t you!” “The dark side had control over you! I beg you come back into the light!” Obi-Wan reaches out his hand to Anakin. Anakin looks at it. Anakin stretches his hand out to Obi-Wan’s. “It’s okay, Anakin…Come back with me. Padmé is waiting for you!” Hearing these words Anakin takes his hand back. His eyes turn like fire again. Obi-Wan looks surprised. “LIAR!!!”, Anakin yells. “Lies, Lies, Lies!!! Nothing but lies ! She’s dead! If you didn’t keep me small, if you didn’t get me involved in this war, she would still be alive!!!” Anakin ignites his lightsaber. Obi-Wan screams: “Anakin, NO!” Quickly Obi-Wan ignites his sabre to prevent being slashed. Anakin slashes almost against his face. Obi-Wan is blocking it with all his strength. He pushes himself back by the pressure of Anakin’s blade. Obi-Wan is standing in defence. Anakin is furious and reckless. As he takes a Force Jump to strike above, Obi-Wan dives to the left and Anakin lands on his knees. It bleeds, but he doesn’t feel a thing. Obi-Wan stands terrified. He looks at Anakin’s face covered with blood coming out of his eyes and veins. Obi-Wan steps a little back and almost falls into a lava pool. The rocks begin to break. Obi-Wan is trembling, when Anakin steps more near, he gives another hard slash against Obi-Wan’s blade, while his feet glide back to the breaking rocks. Obi-Wan pushes with all his strength to prevent, he and Anakin will fall in the lava. He keeps pushing and gives a kick in Anakin’s stomach. Anakin bows over of pain. He is spitting blood, but turns around back to Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan keeps holding his defence against Anakin. He doesn’t want to attack, but Anakin doesn’t give him time to talk. Anakin throws his sabre to Obi-Wan. He dodges, but the lightsaber hits a hard rock above. Obi-Wan is too late and rocks fall on his back. Anakin walks to him. Obi-Wan quickly stands up. His back hurts terribly. It is harder for Obi-Wan to defend. Anakin uses Force lightning to break the rocks, which Obi-Wan has to dodge, and at the same time blocks his lightsaber. He has no choice, but to attack. Anakin runs back to Obi-Wan, he is using Force lightning again, but this time at Obi-Wan himself. Obi-Wan drains the lightning thanks by his sabre, while he runs to Anakin. Anakin stops and waits for Obi-Wan to reach. The ground begins to tremble. The rocks are moving. The mountain tops are breaking. A huge quake starts during the fight. Both try to stand stable on the ground. Obi-Wan gets pushed by Anakin’s blade to the bottom of a mountain. He climbs up. Anakin follows him. Obi-Wan finds a spot where he can stand. Anakin still tries to climb up, while the rocks on the mountain are breaking. The ground is breaking at the bottom at the mountain. Lava breaks lose, as it blows fire in Anakin’s direction, he has to dive left to avoid the fire. He is falling but is able to hold on a rock with one hand. Obi-Wan tries to get near him to help. The mountain is now completely surrounded with lava. Anakin doesn’t find a spot to put his other hand. The rocks are breaking, he can’t hold on much longer. Obi-Wan can almost reach him, but has to be careful to avoid the fire. Obi-Wan reaches out with his right hand to Anakin’s hand. The rocks break, Anakin nearly falls, but Obi-Wan quickly takes his arm. But stubborn as Anakin is, he doesn’t want to be helped by his former master. Instead he takes his lightsaber with his other hand and ignites it. “No Anakin, give me your other hand, I can’t hold you! Drop the sabre! Anakin doesn’t give in. He takes a look down at the lava and looks up again. He slashes Obi-Wan at his shoulder, causing Anakin to fall. Obi-Wan screams out of pain, with one hand he tries to pull up Anakin with the Force. It is too late. Obi-Wan only gets a hold on Anakin’s lightsaber, but Anakin himself falls into the lava. Obi-Wan holds Anakin’s sabre while watching the lava boil where his old friend dropped in. He keeps his hand on his shoulder to stop the bleeding and heads back to his ship. All was for nothing. Anakin is dead. The Jedi are dead. Obi-Wan loses hope and flies passed the shuttle to Dagobah.

    Meanwhile back on the planet, a hand reaches out of the lava. It tries to find a rock to get a grip on. It is Anakin. His Body is completely burned. It smells like ashes. Two hands reach out to help him. They are stormtroopers. Palpatine was reported of Anakin being on Luficior, and send help. They immediately take him to the medical care on the Star Destroyer, setting course to Coruscant. There is not much left of his legs and his left arm. His bionic part don’t function anymore, cause most of the mechanic is molten. Anakin cries out of pain. He needs surgery. The Lungs are taken out and replaced by artificial ones, connected to the “Mechpolm Breathing Device”. It is just a question Anakin will hold until reaching Coruscant. His right leg is all burned up, as so is his left arm. Body parts are missing underneath his chest, totally burned up. Thanks to his healing powers, Anakin manages to survive. In Coruscant they bring him to a laboratory where they start immediately building bionic- and artificial body parts. Anakin is lying in a bacta tank. He’s drugged to get some rest. Meanwhile Obi-Wan reaches Dagobah and says that Padmé immediately has to leave. She might be in danger. There is always a chance Obi-Wan has been traced. Padmé takes her children and all leave together with Obi-Wan. Yoda stays and says he will be waiting for Obi-Wan. They set course to Alderaan in hope the senator could help them. Anakin is still lying in his bacta tank, his eyes are closed, put he feels the presence of his master, Darth Sidious, now known as Emperor Palpatine. The Emperor feels Anakin is recovering. Anakin’s body is covered with scars, but he is getting strong again. As Padmé, Obi-Wan and the children set for Alderaan, Padmé is getting weaker. Her skin is getting pail. She can barely hold her eyes open. She is dreaming about Anakin. How they picnicked at the waterfalls. Their first kiss at the lake, how they fought together at Geonosis. A dream turning into a nightmare. She falls unconscious. She is sweating.

    The medical droids which work on Anakin report to the Emperor, bionic parts won’t be enough to keep him alive. He will have to wear a body suit controlled from the outside to keep him alive. A mask is also needed to attach the lungs to a breathing device Other specialists get to work on it. It will take months to get it prepared. Senator Bail Organa gives Obi-Wan, Padmé and the children a warm welcome but they have to hurry and hide from the stormtroopers. Neither Padmé, Obi-wan nor the children can be seen in public. The senator first takes Padmé to the medical care. She needs help. It seems like they inserted a virus when she was kidnapped, a virus very rare. They thought the virus was killed after “The Beast Wars”. Someone would have kept a sample of it. Luckily the children aren’t infected. Fortunately the virus will not spread out, but there is no doubt Padmé will die. When she will, remains a mystery. She survived for more than a year now to take care of her children. But when the time comes, who will take care of them? As months pass by, Obi-Wan stays hidden with Padmé and the children, the Senator looks after them in secret, taking care of the supplies, her health and other. Yoda still remains on Dagobah meditating, planning when the time will come to give the people their freedom back. Anakin has stayed for months in the bacta tank. They do not own the knowledge and technology to built the suit, which makes the Emperor impatient. The children are growing. Padmé is getting weaker, a dark shadow crosses over her white skin. She is thin and has difficulty to breath. She is sleeping hours in her bed, while Obi-Wan takes care of her children. He feels like an uncle to them. But when Padmé will die, he doesn’t dare to take the responsibility to take care of them himself. The Empire is growing. More systems volunteer to join or they will be attacked by an overwhelming power. Naboo has been invaded for the second time cause they resisted. The capital Theed is completely destroyed together with much more cities. As the months pass, the Dark Side is growing. The clouds are getting darker and hope for freedom is gone. Padmé is at the end of her strength. The kids are almost 2 years old now and they are standing next to Padmé’s bed. Padmé speaks to them, they have to be strong. But they keep crying. She speaks to Obi-Wan with a weak voice: “Obi-Wan…please…take care of them, when I …will be gone.” With a sad tone Obi-Wan answers: “Yes M’ lady, they will be safe.” Padmé smiles to him, then at the children “Now you’ll be good now, okay?” The children nod. Padmé smiles once more again and lays her head down. She keeps her eyes open. But her smile disappears. She doesn’t give a kick anymore. Padmé dies…Obi-Wan closes her eyes, while the children keep on crying.

    Senator Bail Organa has been crowned as king now, of Alderaan. Both are discussing what will happen to the children. Obi Wan mentions that they cannot live together. If both are found, they will be killed. And the last hope of the galaxy will disappear. They will unite later when they are older. Bail Organa promises to Obi-Wan he will take care of Leia. “I will take care of Leia as she was my own daughter”, he says, “she is a clever girl” Obi-Wan takes Luke with him. The boy looks sad to his sister while he has to leave. Padmé’s family has been killed during the bombardment of Naboo. Someone else will have to look after Luke. Obi-Wan remembers Anakin talking about a half brother, Owen Lars, son of Cliegg Lars. He sets for Tatooine and arrives in a hangar of Mos Espa, and asks around if someone knows this Lars’ family. He gets to know they live in a moisture farm, near the city of Mos Eisley. Together with Luke he hires a speeder and sets for the farm. They are having it hard, cause a sandstorm is breaking up. Arrived at the farm, Owen looks to him with a suspicious look. Owen doesn’t really like Jedi. He thinks they are too reckless, mainly because of Anakin’s behaviour when his mother was in danger and died. Owen’s father has died a few years ago and he is now married to Beru Whitesun. Owen listens to what has happened with Anakin and promises he will take care of the boy together with his wife Beru. Obi-Wan warns Owen, Luke must not know about his past. Obi-Wan: “ I will be around, to keep an eye on him and to guide him in the future.” Owen doesn’t like the idea of Obi-Wan that he will stay on Tatooine undercover. “We are going to do this my way,” Owen says, “I will make a farmer of him, not a reckless warrior! It is for his own safety!” Maybe Owen is right about what he said. Obi-Wan still thinks when Luke will be grown up, he has to be told about his past. Yoda said to Obi-Wan both children have an important cause of the future. Obi-Wan doesn’t mention it to Owen and leaves Luke at the farm. Luke is looking to Obi-Wan with sad eyes. Obi-Wan looks back to him, still a little bit worried.
    In the laboratory the work of the scientists is completed. A loud breathing can be heard outside the doors. The body armour is finished. Emperor Palpatine is waiting nervous outside to look upon his apprentice. The doors open and a man with a black strong iron mask walks out. Darth Vader has risen again and the Empire will tremble only by hearing his name. The Emperor and Vader walk to a window and look into space. Both are proud to see the start of building a new, most powerful weapon ever created. A battle station, when completed, it will be invincible. A battle station called…the DEATH STAR!

    THE END…
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