My sister Samantha

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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    Jesus please take her hand
    Please make her understand
    Sadly she is slowly dying
    She does not care even though I'm crying

    Lord she has a son
    His life is so precious and it just begun
    Does she realize if she dies what she will miss?
    When the black rose of death gives it's final kiss

    I may not have liked her at all
    But she had a world of potential I recall
    I wanted her to be successful
    Sadly in the end she will be regretful

    Why can't you make her see?
    What she is doing to her own family
    Every organ will fail
    As the ship of death is preparing for sail

    I knew this will happen years ago
    I told her and acted like she already did know
    Surrender she did years before
    Deep down I seen what was in store

    I prayed for her for you to save her my Lord
    Prevent her from death of her own sword
    Still as a tree you may be
    Maybe I was hoping for a miracle few could see

    She was in perfect health once upon a time
    In her prime
    In my eyes her future was shinning bright
    Like the morning light

    Slowly the light faded away
    Yet it was me all along that many didn't expect to stay
    Troubled by health and injures I continue to strive
    To the final day I am no longer alive

    So why did she give up on on her dreams?
    Throwing in the towel too early it seems
    My mom did her best to raise every child
    Honest truth may it forever be filled

    Could I blame this on her past friends?
    Well to some degree that depends
    I will put some of the blame on my step dad
    Partially because he drives me mad

    Emotionally he destroys everyone
    Even this writer who is his step son
    Oh but I blame that idiot boyfriend
    Who treated her like hell til the end

    In the end it is her doing
    Her decision and her choosing
    You know I didn't want her end up this way
    I'm crushed of this news I must say