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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    I see a pair of eyes and a face
    They walk right by and disappear with out a trace
    Beautiful hair down to her hips
    Red lip stick on her luscious lips

    They do not see me at all
    Often just a blur walking down the hall
    What they see and what they know
    2 different opinions but they stick to the one that make on the go

    They see a man with glasses
    Long side burns and to them is boring as molasses
    Dresses like a prep or a nerd
    At least according to their observations that's what they concurred

    So they write me off and continue on their way
    Still not sure what they are going to do the rest of their day
    Wanting a guy who is intelligent and has class
    Can make a joke and enjoy a wine glass

    Be athletic when he wants to be
    Yet they continue to walk on by and not see me
    I don't need a rich Queen
    Or the most attractive girl I ever seen

    Someone who can put a smile on this face
    Have a good time at any place
    Be smart and be a clown at times
    Enjoys some of my hobbies and a writer who accidental rhymes

    To me this is seems to much to ask
    This agenda seems to hard of a task
    So I retire and hang up the this possibility
    When all these shallow people roam with no clarity