My Post-Halloween Ranger Costume

Discussion in 'Historical Re-enactment' started by Gûd Daedheloth, Nov 17, 2003.

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    I wore this to my friend's belated Halloween party, since our school play was on Halloween this year.

    The boots, belt, and frog all came from the same medieval online store.
    The bracers came from a different online store.
    The sword is Ulrich's, from A Knight's Tale, made by Factory X.
    The cape I made myself for Spirit Week last year at school. I went as Frodo.
    For the leaf clasp, I printed the pic off the net, glued it to cardboard, and put a safety pin on the back.
    The shirt I got at Goodwill, and after making a few modifications (taking off the pocket and some buttons), works very well for a ranger shirt.
    I made the chain maille myself (it doesn't show up well in the pic, it's under the green shirt).
    The hott body I got from my parents. :D
    Since this pic, I got a vest at Goodwill that will be pretty good for Aragorn's Helm's Deep Jerkin.