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    An old Tale I wrote, tell me what you think

    The Chronicles of Darren
    An Epic Tale of a hero with strength, valor, and heart

    Copyright 2004 by Thomas Pelletier
    All rights reserved. No part of the following literary work: including characters, locations,story plots or ideas; may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from Thomas Pelletier or any party that he acknowledges to represent him.

    I am leaving an account in my journal, so that others may learn of my exploits. The tale I am about o tell you may seem incredible, to be a work of pure fantasy. But I assure you it is the truth. All of your life people have told you that there is no such thing as magic or sorcery, that such ideas were nonsense. You have been lied to. There are other worlds, or at least one other one. I know because I have been to it. In this realm, the impossible is possible, and the only limitation to reality is the imagination. You have heard of dragons and werewolves but they aren't mythical creatures; they are real animals. Men have learned of their existence by visiting this 'Other World' through their dreams. Almost every myth or legend that has ever been told is based upon a real event that has happened. I will tell you of my journeys into this magical realm where science is the study of alchemy and spells, while fantasy is the idea of work done by thinking metals.
    Sit back, and prepare to open your mind to another world, where anything is possible.

    The Forest Temple

    Chapter I The Morning

    Sunlight glinted through the window, casting a frail ray of light onto my face. The light warmed and illuminated my eyes, causing me to desire to open them. As I struggled to resist, I took my pillow and thrust it over my eyes. This attempt proved futile, as I could still see the light through the fabric. Not willing to give up, I faced my wall and covered myself with both my blanket and pillow. Underneath them I waited for a minute or two, until I realized I wasn't going to fall back asleep. Finally, I surrendered and opened my eyes.

    The light shocked me, and I attempted to shield my eyes with my palms. Still partially blinded, I searched the room for my clock. When I finally found it, the time it said stunned me. The clock said 6:57. I wouldn't believe it. I picked up the device and jiggled it. I searched my mind for some possible explanation. It must have stopped last night I decided, at 6:57. My hopes were dashed as the clock continued to tick. When the realization of what time it was hit me, I panicked.

    I ran to my bureau, frantically pulling and pushing objects from on top of it. On to the floor fell books, pencils, and papers. I had failed to clean up last night, and my laziness had come back to haunt me. Finally I saw a shirt. I grabbed it, and threw it over my shoulders, not bothering to look if I had put it on right. As I began to put on my jeans, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. It was there I saw I was wearing my shirt inside out. I used one hand to keep my pants up, and tried to use the other to pull the shirt off. Then I tripped over a soccer ball I hadn't put away and fell face first onto the floor.

    As I fell, I grabbed my blanket and bed sheets. Instead of slowing my fall, I only got tangled in it! I hit the floor as a tangle of clothes, blankets, and paper. Just as I began to worm my way out of my prison, my sister entered. She came in shouting "Mom says get up or you'll be late". She looked down on me and rolled her eyes. Before she left she remarked, "Don't sleep on the floor again". I mumbled a curse world through my blanket and tried to stand up. I lost my balance and fell over. I landed on my bed, in the exact place I had gotten up.

    After a few more minutes of wiggling and tugging, I was able to free myself from my prison. I got dressed (correctly) and ran downstairs. I grabbed my shoes and put them on as I walked. I tripped over my own feet, and hit the front door. As I stared at my shoes, I realized I had put them on the wrong feet. I switched the shoes and opened the door. Just as I was heading onto the porch, I realized I had forgotten my lunch. Just as I started to turn my head, something hit me on the back of my neck. The impact almost knocked me over, but I was determined not to fall down again. I turned around and saw it was my lunch bag.

    As I struggled to my feet, a despairing image met my gaze. The school bus was leaving! I ran down the pavement faster than I ever had in my life. The faster I ran, however, further away the bus grew. It was as if I was in a dream, chasing something I could never reach. Dream or no dream, the bus was still leaving. I yelled as loud as I could, but couldn't get the driver's attention. The sound of the engine covered my voice. As the bus sped off, I fell to me knees in failure. I pulled up some grass, just to vent my rage. I decided I wouldn't give up. I got back up and ran through the woods, a plan forming in my mind.
    Chapter II The Forest

    I was going to run to the final stop, and beat the bus there by going through the woods. That was my plan. It wasn't a very good one, but it was the only one I could make up at such short notice. Running through the tress, I jumped over roots and ducked under branches. My heart began to pound, and my legs felt like lead weights. I wasn't going to be able to keep up this pace for much longer. "Hopefully," I thought, "I won't need to".

    As I ran, I realized I had no idea where I was. I looked ahead of me and saw no trees, and took a risk. I turned my head to look up at the sky above, to use the sun to find the right direction. This idea was destroyed, however, when I couldn't find it. With my attention averted, I never saw the branch ahead of me. When I had turned my head, it was too late. "I guess the gamble didn't pay off," I thought to myself as I ran straight into the tree.

    The first thing I saw when I awakened was a brown blurred figure. When my eyes focused, I was able to tell that it was a deer. The animal had its head right over my face, seemingly interested in my predicament. The beast stopped mere inches from my face. I could feel its hot breath and began to back away. The animal suddenly bellowed and galloped off. I felt a wave of relief as I watched it disappear into the forest. Then a different thought entered my mind. "What could scare the deer off like that," I pondered. The look on its face had been one of pure terror. Goosebumps grew on my arms, and I turned around and saw……. Nothing.

    There was absolutely nothing there, not even a weasel or a fox. It was then that I first considered what time it was. I had no way of telling how many minutes had passed, but I was sue I had missed the bus. I considered for a moment, and decided to go home. There was no point in staying, as school had probably already started. If I was really lucky, I might just be able to arrive back before my parents back. That was a big IF, but it was my only course of action. The realization suddenly hit me I had no idea where I was. Without the sun or some kind of compass (I had neither) to guide me, I wasn't going anywhere. I sat down on a nearby log, and tried to decide what I was going to do next. Then thunder boomed in the distance. As if that was a cue, the rain began to fall. It was fall, so there weren't any leaves on the trees. I got up and began to search for some shelter.

    The trickle turned into a downpour, and I still had no cover. It was thundering and raining so hard, it seemed the very sky was angry with me. Just as I had given up all hope of finding any relief from the ceaseless rain, a flash of thunder illuminated a building in front of me. I didn't think about the fact that I been through these woods hundreds of times and not seen this structure before, all I was concerned with was finding protection from the elements. I quickly entered the building. I was suddenly aware of a musky smell to the air, as if it was……old? Again I didn't notice this and stepped further inside. The room was very dark, the only light coming from the opening behind me. As I moved inwards, away from the falling rain. I bumped into something. Then the entire building began to shake and a wall fell behind me. All light disappeared leaving me in complete darkness.
    Chapter III The Rat

    I began to panic. I've always had an irrational fear of the dark, and that was not helping. I felt trapped; I was immobilized by my fear. I fumbled through my backpack, searching for something that might give me light. The bag's entire contents were laid on the floor, and yet I still had not found anything. It was then that I remembered my key chain. I found it and yanked the little light off. The small glow that came out of the flashlight was barely larger than a marble. Yet, any light was better than no light. I aimed the little light across the room, looking for an exit of some sort. I say something reflect back at me one the floor. Moving closer I finally got a good look at it. It was a skull!

    The head seemed to be grinning at me. The sight shocked me so much that I dropped my flashlight. When I finally came through, I saw it roll over into a pile of rubbish in the corner. My small beacon soon was covered, and I was on my hands and knees searching for it. I reached the pile and thrust my hand into it. I felt around for it and pulled out something that felt long and hard. Then I realized it was a bone! This wasn't some pile of rubbish, but someone's remains!

    I threw the bone to the ground in and pulled out the light. Then I heard a rustling behind me. I turned around and came face to face with a huge set rat. The monstrous rodent opened its jaws and began to move towards me. I tossed all of the bones I could reach at it. Many of them hit the creature in its head, but it seemed to take no notice. I reached into the pile and grasped something sharp and heavy. I put the object in front of me and got a glimpse of the creature that was about to kill me.
    I waited for the rat to bite me, several seconds passed and yet I felt nothing. I slowly opened my eyes and saw a grotesque sight. The animal had impaled itself on the object I grabbed. I pulled it off and threw the carcass into the corner. I used my flashlight and looked at the weapon that had saved me. It appeared to be a dagger with a bizarre and archaic language written on it. Then I truly began to wonder where on earth I was.
    Chapter IV The Bat

    I went back to the bone pile and looked for anything I could salvage. I felt disgusted at desecrating someone's grave, yet I might need some things it had. I found a large, golden key. It wouldn't help me here but might be of some value once I got out. I pocketed the treasure and resumed my search. I found one torch that I think I can use. I looked back out the entrance and muttered to myself, "There is no way I'm getting out through there".

    A small rock in the far corner caught my eye. I picked it up and examined it. It was flint. An idea grew in my mind and I took the rock and rubbed it against the dagger. Soon sparks began to fly out. I was able to ignite the torch this way. Once I had light, I began to truly consider what had just happened to me.

    I had gone into the woods, gotten lost and run into a tree branch. I woke up and it started to rain even though there hadn't been a cloud in the sky only minutes earlier. I had sought shelter in a building I had never seen before. I had gotten trapped in it and found a dagger and had been attacked by a giant rat. The entire situation was unbelievable. Yet, it had happened and here I was trapped. Whether or not I was trapped in an ancient tomb or on another planet made no real difference, all that was important was that I get out of here,

    My mind continued to juggle with these questions, until a sound broke my concentration. There was a loud screeching. It was worse that a chainsaw or nails on a blackboard. I covered my ears and fell onto my knees. An animal passed overhead, what I saw was a bat.

    The ugly beast seemed to have glowing red eyes and flew past me, further into the tomb. The presence of this creature meant there had to be another way out. I followed it, barely able to keep pace. I eventually came into a large chamber with a huge black sheet covering the ceiling. My attention was so focused upon the ceiling that I failed to notice the large piles of bones onto the floor. As I continued to move forward, I stepped onto on the bones and caused a loud CRACK sound.

    The entire wall became alive with the opening of thousands of eyes, and then with a hellish screaming. I covered my ears and also screamed in an effort to blot out the horrible noise. The bats began to descend and thus the race for my life began. I moved with a speed I never thought I possessed. It's amazing what you can do when you life is in jeopardy. My entire life flashed before my eyes. "This must be what you see before you die," I thought. Finally I reached a great hall. I looked for something to impede the progress of the bats behind me. I spotted a bookcase, and ran towards. I shifted my entire wait onto it and pushed it over. I could hear anger in the sound of the bats that had just lost their meal. But I had not escaped, only change the type of danger I was in. For behind me I heard a hissing and the sound of a rattle.
    Chapter V The Vision

    As I turned to look behind me, I came face to face with a cobra! The snake was at least four feet long with shiny scales and sharp fangs. The serpent leapt at me, fangs extended. I grabbed the beast by the neck, stopping it a mere four inches from my face. The snake squirmed and wiggled, obviously trying to free itself of my grip. Eventually the snake stopped struggling and glared at me. I couldn't be sure, but I think I saw some spark of intelligence and malice in its eye. The serpent twisted its head and bit me in the wrist. I threw the animal at the wall, but it didn't matter. It had poisoned me and its venom was already starting to spread. I knew that I wouldn't last much longer.
    Almost immediately my hand began to swell and change colors. Then the
    effect began to spread. My arm and soon my shoulder grew numb. Moving them was as difficult as lifting blocks of lead. Even as the poison spread, the snake still wasn't done with me. Normally I could easily escape, but the venom was weakening me. I hobbled towards the way I came in when I remembered I had blocked it. The serpent began to move ever closer to me and now was only yards away. In a desperate gamble, I jumped over the snake towards the opposite wall. I had no way of knowing, but I was praying that there way a door at the other end. I spotted a door in the corner and began to crawl on my hands and knees towards it. Just as the snake was upon me, I opened the door and crept inside. Just as I shut it, I heard a loud thump. That sound was the snake still trying to get through. My victory was short lived, for the venom was still killing me.

    The adrenaline in my body had slowed the progress of the poison, but now it was flowing freely through me. The venom had reached my heart and was spreading rapidly throughout my limbs and internal organs. My entire body began to stiffen and freeze. The immobilization was followed by a loss of touch or feeling. Soon even my eyes began to lose focus. It was then that I lost all sense of being and felt almost free. All the pain I had felt began to melt away into sweet nothingness. Instead of losing every sense, I gained others. I found a new way of seeing, a method of viewing the past. I was looking from the present across the rift of time to the past.

    I couldn't what I was seeing at first. It was like a dream, but with more detail and depth then reality sometimes held. I saw, or more correctly envisioned, a great man. His stature was that of a proud male, his body bulging with muscles, He was dressed in purple garments, with a golden crown atop his head. He seemed to be very rich and powerful, yet something was troubling him. A servant dressed in plain garb entered the room. "My liege," he spoke," news has arrived of the war in the South." The king turned to him and abruptly remarked, "Yes, Yes tell me the news already." The servant bowed and cheerfully responded with, "its wonderful sire, we won against enormous forces!" The ruler turned and looked at him. The expression on his face being was not one of happiness, but of anger.

    I suddenly traveled many miles away south. I saw a battlefield. Many a corpse lay on it, yet a small group in blue still stood. I watched as the leader began to speak to his troops. "Today we have won a great victory. You should all be proud of your selves, "he remarked. The crowd cheered and hooted. The leader raised his hand in a gesture of silence. "We were but four hundred strong, yet we held back and bested an army of over two thousand. Every one of you beat five men. The entire enemy has fled or been killed while we only lost two hundred men. Let the news of our valor give fear to our enemies and strength to allies, "he yelled. There was a hit of spears on shields a shouting of "Hail Thaddeus".

    Then I faded yet again back to the castle. The king was standing there talking to two cloaked figures. "You know what to do", he said to them. Both figures nodded in response. They left quickly, just as Thaddeus entered. He bowed to the king and said, "What a great honor you have bestowed upon me your majesty." The king smiled and responded with, "Just call me Uncle Nerif."
    It was then that I fully understood the relationship between the two. The king was concerned about his subjects growing respect of his nephew due to his recent victories. The cloaked figures he had previously spoken to were obviously assassins of some sort.

    "Dear Thaddeus how goes the war in the South," said Nerif politely. "Quite well dear uncle," Thaddeus responded with his fist clenched. I observed the hostility between the two and guessed it would soon lead to violence. An attendant entered the room carrying two flasks of wine. Both men grabbed the flasks without taking their eyes off one another. "To your health," said King Nerif. "No to yours," countered Thaddeus. Both swallowed their wine and looked at the other. Suddenly Thaddeus began to jerk and grab at his throat. "Well Thaddeus I guess you can't hold your liquor," commented the king. Thaddeus continued to
    struggle and fell onto the floor as Nerif watched, obviously enjoying himself.
    Suddenly the two hooded men entered. Thaddeus gave up a small fight, but was quickly subdued. The attendant and the king watched without concern as the young man was dragged out. King Nerif turned to his servant and calmly said, "Inform the Guard there has been a kidnapping of General Thaddeus and tell him to triple the guard." Suddenly I was facing the temple but it seemed different. It was newer, and I thought I could hear a distant echo of screams.
    Chapter VI The Wild Man

    I awoke suddenly. The images of what I had just seen where still swimming through my mind. I looked around and found myself in front of the iron door. I was no longer paralyzed. The effects of the snake's venom were apparently temporary. I wondered whether what I had just seen was a dream, a hallucination, or something else entirely. I heard movement behind the door. I guess the snake hadn't given up on its meal. I heard a thump on the door. The snake hissed and rammed it again. I began to back away, not taking my eyes off of the door. Because of this, I never noticed the creature creeping up behind me.

    I felt a sudden weight on my shoulders and heard snarling. Then something began to tear into my back, causing me indescribable pain. I yelled out in agony and rammed myself into a wall. I heard the beast wince in pain and momentarily loosen its grip. I rammed the wall again and again until I felt the creature let go. I turned around and faced my attacker. He looked like a man, but was very small. The dwarf was covered in coarse black hair so thick it could have been fur. The man looked up at me and barred its teeth. The creature took out a knife and leapt upon me. It stabbed at my shoulder. It seemed to take delight in my pain and raised its arm again. I tackled him in the waist, sending both of us stumbling onto the floor. Then I remembered the snake. I began to work myself to the door, while attempting to dodge the attacks of the dwarf. I backed into the door, and opened it. I leaned down as I snake leapt upon the wild man. He began to scream in horror and fell behind the door. I shut it and smiled. I guess the snake did get its meal.

    As I pondered about the man, I felt my leg brush up against something. I bent down and picked up a silver key. What surprised most of all was its similarity to the gold key. I took it out and compared the two. They were identical in size and shape, the only difference was the type of metal they were made out of. Puzzled by this new dilemma, I pocketed both keys, and began to walk down the passageway.
    Chapter VII The Test.

    As I went on, my torch began to grow dimmer. I became concerned. At the rate it was going out, I had only minutes before I was immersed in complete darkness. As if too answer my prayers, I saw light ahead of me. This was the first hopeful sight I had seen in many hours. I rushed forward, almost blowing out what remained of my light. I became disappointed to learn that this was not the exit, mere a hole in the ceiling. I looked up through and could of sworn I saw the sun. The light illuminated the chamber, allowing me to see and observe several runes. I walked up to them and saw a hole in the all. I reached my arm into it and pulled out a bronzed key. This new key was identical to the other two. Thus the mystery of these small pieces of metal deepened. Then I noticed two doors in front of me. I looked worriedly at my torch. It wasn't going to last much longer so whatever door I picked, it had to be the right one. I did what anyone would do and picked the door on the right, because right is always right.

    I walked down the passage way for what seemed to be an eternity. The only way I could tell the passage of time was by the gradualy dimming light of my torch. I saw many other symbols as I walked on, but had no time to examine them. Eventually I reached another door with three keyholes. I took them out and examined them. They appeared to fit the lock. I inserted the keys, and the door opened.

    As the door opened, my eyes were greeted by the glint of gold. All around me was the treasure of a king. There were jeweled swords, precious gems and so much more. The artifacts were all along the floor, as if they were a child's playthings. The only thing that seemed out of place was a huge statue of a minotaur. As I approached the statue, I was shocked by its realism and detail. I reached out to touch it and the piece moved. It was only then that realized that the reason it was so realistic, was because it was real!

    I had encountered many different dangers and horrors during my stay in the labyrinth, yet nothing could of prepared me for this. The minotaur was alive, no mere rock but living flesh. In a pitiful attempt to protect myself, I pulled out my dagger. In response, the monster bit it out of my hand. It chewed and twisted the metal of blade as if it was as soft as clay. The beast spit out the broken remains and approached me.

    I looked for something to defend myself with and spotted a shield. I grabbed it and held it out before me. In retaliation the monster struck the shield from my hands and knocked me to the floor with one of its hooves. As neared me, I noticed it didn't have the blood thirsty expression of an animal, but one of sorrow.

    You decide the ending
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    IF I get enough response, I plan to write a few more dozen of these stories.