My Own Broken...

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    Not where I wanna be
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    The wind has numbed your fingers, cold to the bone,
    Gray skies cover the stars and I can't find my way home,
    Back to you, back to us, the way it was meant to be,
    Lost, right next to each other, too close to see...

    You moved on and left me behind, like days gone by,
    But we never really went anywhere, still under the same sky,
    I still want to see you smile,
    Even if only every once in while...

    I've done right, and I've done wrong,
    And serenaded you with verse and song,
    To express the joy of being in your light,
    Tell of the hurt I feel when we fight...

    But it's all just a footnote, a drop in the sea,
    The one we overcame, to experience what life could be,
    Oh but there's so much more to tell,
    To do, to say, before we bid farewell...

    Each day I had was a blessing counted,
    A thousand days I spent on the mountain,
    A thousand more I'll spend to cross the sea,
    I won't let go of you, so don't let go of me...

    With bare black wings and a tuckered smile,
    I know I'm too tired to resist, but it's my style,
    Believe me, you deserve nothing less than freedom now,
    But I won't stop until it's done, I don't know how...

    It's not in me, in these frostbit fingers,
    The heat of new love still lingers,
    Embers of hope, falling down to warm my face,
    I want to make the journey and learn my place...

    Be it beside or behind you, or somewhere in between,
    Why close my eyes now when there's so much to be seen,
    The uncertainty of tomorrow, the struggles of today,
    All I know is, that in the end, it'll all just be okay...

    I wanted you to know,
    That I love the way you laugh,
    I want to hold you high,
    And steal your pain away...