My lovely fantasy

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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    She walks right through the door
    Onto this brown floor
    Looking directly into my eyes
    I instantly get butterflies

    As she orders her food and I give her change
    Emotions feel really strange
    I notice her dark hair
    Just glancing not trying to stare

    Her beautiful face and her lips
    Analyzing her head to toe and even her finger tips
    I know this is just lust and would not amount to anything
    My intention would be naughty and not to give her a ring

    Still I cannot resist the thought of my hands around her
    Kissing her all over
    Part of me lives for seduction
    Which is part of my mental destruction

    I would like to make love to her all night
    In every way I would treat her right
    So what if I admit I wish it was tonight
    She is such a sexy sight

    Whether she See's this in my eyes remains unknown
    Wouldn't it be nice to call her on the phone
    I could envision her in a red dress
    Which would drive me wild, I confess

    She can be my beauty and I will be her beast
    My fiery passion will belong to her after I consume my feast
    I would have her all alone
    To please her, make her scream and make her moan

    Kiss her neck and then her chest
    Whisper things in her ear unlike the rest
    In the night with candlelight
    Til all the wax burns as darkness replaces the light