My First Story (Prt. 3)

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    My First Story (Prt. 3) UNFINISHED

    Part 3! The story will be 5 Parts, and 4 and 5 will be the biggest. So, Keiv is ready to investigate.

    The Investigation​

    Keiv awoke with a slight ache in his back, probably due to him having to ride a horse all day yesterday. He decided to get dressed quickly and take advantage of the early morning, and go look around the town. Stepping out of the inn, he saw that the mob of farmers that had crowded the streets last night had dispersed, and he got a good look at the town in the morning twilight. Barrow was a small town, but still the largest farming settlement in the kingdom. The buildings of the town were cobbled together from stone and wood, strewn loosly around the town center. In the middle of town, there was a wooden platform, used for meetings or public functions, he assumed. The most interesting thing about Barrow was the fact that it lied next to a stone ruin. The ruin wasn't much more than some ruined stone buildings, which, although were unimpressive, he had heard that they were built long before the first kingdom had ever been conceived. Surrounding the settlement were endless farmlands to the west, south and, east, and by mountains to the north. As the largest farm settlement, it also served as a hub for trade, and was the largest producer of crops. Therefore, it was an important place in the kingdom, and had been sacked many times by bandits and armies of bygone wars. Many people came through here, either on business or on there way to the Tribal Kingdom of the North. Keiv admired the simple beauty of the town, and would have liked it more if it weren't for the hard-headed farmers that inhabited it.

    He turned his head towards some grunting he heard, and saw the large man that had harassed him last night. He was hauling linen bags of wheat and corn into a cart, holding 2 at a time and easily tossing them in. With a smirk on his face, Keiv strolled leisurely strolled forward. "Why hello, my hard laboring friend! How are things for you today?" The man simply grunted, without looking away from his work. Keiv continued "Hm. Anyways, I was hoping you would be willing to help my investigation. You see, I-" The farmer pushed him, roaring "GET OUT OF 'ERE!!!" Kiev was so startled by the yell, and was pushed with such force, he stumbled right into another traveler. "Sorry, sir." Kiev looked up, and saw that the traveler was holding HIS sword, turning it in his hands, and saying "This is an interesting blade..." He handed it back to Kiev "Tell me, Shade. Where did you get it?" The stranger had blonde hair, that went around his head in a wild way. He wore elegant clothes, a large white jacket with the crest of the Kingdom on the front. His trousers stretched down to his ankles, but military issue boots were visible on his feet. It clashed with Kiev himself.

    He looked like a mercenary, wearing his ragged clothes. He had left his cloak at home, and it exposed his pure white hair. His skin, ashen grey in the light, contrasted with the man's cream colored skin. Snatching the sword from the strangers hands, he said "Made it." He put it back in it's sheath. "And don't do that again. Who are you?" The man looked at him, a look of amusement on his face "Andrell, son of Leltris. And you are?" Kiev smirked "Kiev Dafre. And what, may I ask, is the son of a general doing in the small farming town of Barrow?" Andrell's face didn't change a bit "I'm here to see what your doing here, Kiev." Kiev was surprised "What?" The man cleared his throat "Yes. You didn't hear? The king has made it law that all Elder Agents must be accompanied by an official military escort." Kiev's jaw dropped "What? What are you talking about?" Andrell turned around, beconing him to follow. Kiev followed at a confused pace. The human responded "You heard. Now, I've done my job, and I've found out what the banging and flashing were. They were a summoning spell, but I don't know by who. Now, come with me, I found something interesting that you will need to see." He mounted a white horse and rode of to the north. Kiev didn't realize that he had walked so far. He quickly got on his horse, following the man to where he was headed. Great, he thought, Now he's going to be bossing me around! As if Veelza wasn't enough of a bother. He sighed, hoping that he wouldn't be around for long. Maybe, he hoped, he'll get killed by a Banshee, or something. The pleasant thought in his head distracted him from the long journey, before he arrived at a large, abandoned manor house, surrounded by a cemetery. Andrell looked at him, already dismounted, and said "Shall we?"
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