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    Name: Thor
    Age: 20
    Sex: Male
    Class: Warrior/Barbarian
    Race: Minator
    Hair: Bald w/ black goatee
    Height: 8 foot 6 inches
    Weight: 550 pounds
    Physique: Very well built and toned
    Eyes: Blood Red
    Weapon: 6 foot long Twin Battle Axe-Mythrial Blade, Steel Shaft, Elfen Enchanted Named Jazel after his first lover.
    Armor: Steel Breast Plate and Back Plate
    Clothing: Blue Gold circlets on horns, Navy blue cape, Blue skirt.
    Fighting style: Strength based martial arts used to dismantal his opponents. He has been know to rip apart his opposers if they lower there guard but his size makes his advances very easily dodged.

    Biography: It seems everywhere he goes death follows. Thor was one of 7 children but the only one that survived. His eldest sister was slain by dark elves when he was just a child(about 6 years old). The rest of his family was killed by a group of unknown warriors when he was 10. He has spent the last 10 years training and looking for his parents killers but has been unsucessful as of yet. Has been romantically involved with 2 genies but they were also killed. The circlets, cape, and skirt where all momento's he wears to remind himself of his past love afair with the geinies because they asked him to wear them. He has a very large chip on his shoulder now and doesn't take kindly to new people but once he warms up to people he can be very kind and loving. He hates dark elves for what they did to his sister and many of his frinds(they were captured and made into slaves by the dark elves). Will most likely try and kill any dark elves he sees no questions asked. Likes to keep Jazel strapped to his back.