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    Name: Crimson

    Age: Unknown, though she appears to be in her late twenties, early thirties

    Gender: Female

    Race: Witch

    Appearance: Crimson has long black hair with natural blood red highlights that falls to her mid-back with crimson eyes to match. She has a thin face with pronounced high cheekbones. Her body frame is strong and she is not unbelievably thin, though she still holds a slender figure. She is usually seen wearing dark red robes.

    Personality: She is usually quite quiet and reserved. She is always wary about her surroundings, and should she hear an alien noise, jerk quickly in the direction. She is calm and is difficult to anger. She is more at one with nature than most, as it is her belief to be so.

    History: She grew up in a very small, isolated town, running through the forest everday to escape her chores and engage in playtime with the animals. When Crimson was 6, a woman came to her house and took her away to a school where she could put her occult skills to use, and in several years, she was a quite gifted witch. Even when she came to age, she still remained to befriend the animals, as she knew they could be valuable allies. She wandered around the world, mostly keeping away from human contact. Her age is unknown, for many people thought her dead because she vanished from the town quite suddenly and was never seen in her home town again.

    Weapons: She calls upon the aid of nature, though she may use a wand or dull knife every now and then to help channel and concentrate her energy. And, on occasion, she carries a small dirk at her side.