My Big, Fat Greek Roast...

Discussion in 'Fan Poetry' started by RayCaptain, May 26, 2012.

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    Well hello there everyone,
    Believe me, it means a ton,
    That you paid me a visit at this time in history,
    And what makes me so hateful? Well that is a mystery...

    But, I am here myself, to take a little time,
    And to burn a particular racist with my rhyme,
    I won't drop names or anything of the sort,
    And I don't expect to ever receive a retort...

    But I just got this thing on my chest,
    A little bit of a heat to be expressed,
    Or I might just explode and run wild on the street,
    With nothing but my hair on fire and socks on my feet...

    Yeah, I get a lot of skepticism,
    But nothing like his racism,
    Bigotry, backwards thinking, and genocide worship,
    Nothing serious, just enough for me to bust your lip...

    And conk you over the head with a two by four,
    Kick your ass out of your Orthodox Church, out the door,
    Beat you senseless with a Quran and scimitar,
    Or would be less offensive if I just hit you with car?

    A bumper sticker that reads "Kosovar Pride",
    Boy, I hope you're taking this all in stride,
    Or just go for it all and burn the Servian flag,
    Though I might get assaulted by guys dressed in drag...

    Oh no, it's a mass grave for me,
    One that your eyes will never see,
    And if you ever did, call it propaganda,
    I bet you'd support Kony if this was Uganda...

    I'm not taking a lot of time burn this guy,
    The Serbian flag thing probably made him cry,
    So, for that I apologize, oh wait, no I don't,
    You want that Far-Right agenda to blow, but it won't...

    That's enough for now, I'ma just sit back and watch,
    And if he decides to retaliate, turn it up a notch,
    Because, while you're sucking Metaxas's you know what,
    I've yet to lose even a bit of swagger in my strut...