Moving forward

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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    This is the beginning not the end
    You will recover you are on the mend
    It's true, at least you can because you are alive
    From this car accident that God wanted you to survive

    As you lay in agony and pain
    The sun may not be shinning but you see dark clouds and rain
    Remember you will run again one day
    You were designed to over come with out delay

    So you sat there at that red light
    Thinking your day went so right
    At that moment then that vehicle hit you
    With no way to avoid it and nothing you could do

    Just remember life can pass us by
    In a blink of an eye
    You sir got a second chance too
    To do what you were meant to do

    Which we as humans have no clue
    Family and friends will surround you
    Even the ones who are far away
    Texts and phone calls can be made with out delay

    Do not forget this moment here
    That struck worry and fear
    With in
    Maybe this is when your life is to begin

    To open your mind and your soul
    Forget about the simple things that have taken there toll
    You have a life to live today
    No regrets as you go on your way