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    John Rhys-Davies, who played Sallah in two of the "Indiana Jones" movies and Gimli in "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy, talked to The Daily Telegraph about the anticipated Indiana Jones 4.

    "I was talking to Steven Spielberg the other day ... we discussed a fourth one," said Rhys-Davies, "We're in with the chance of making something absolutely extraordinary."

    The actor confirmed that "Indiana Jones" co-writer and producer George Lucas was the one who shelved the project earlier this year. "George Lucas had reservations about the script and he said, 'The only way I can express my reservations is making another pass at the script myself', so it's gone back at least a year."

    But Rhys-Davies added that things are still looking up. "It is the intention of these three great filmmakers [Lucas, Spielberg and Ford] to make another one."


    Rainbow 6

    'Bookworm' has a short update on the adaptation of the Tom Clancy thriller "Rainbow Six" which follows his dark anti-hero John Clark - "Tom Clancy is again set to executive produce (ala "The Sum of All Fears") but he's got a LOT more say in how this one will be handled. Everything from what plot points are going to be thinned down to script rewrites to casting. At the moment they're seriously considering the idea. I believe the film is going to get going early in the new year, so negotiations should take place soon for a lead.


    Rush Hour 3

    News is out that despite interest in all three major parties, Brett Ratner, Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, the third Rush Hour movie has been delayed until the producers can figure out how to cover the costs of the two supersars and popular director. All three got percentages of the profits but a third movie would normally require a larger percentage.



    Simon Thompson from UK's Capital FM tells us he talked to Sir Ben Kingsley, who is putting a shout out to the producers of the 21st James Bond film that he wants to land a role as a villain.

    "I would like to make it known, on this program, loud and clear, that I would absolutely embrace with all five of my arms being a Bond villain," Kingsley said on the radio station.

    The Oscar winner starred this year in Universal's Thunderbirds and can currently be seen in theaters in Paramount's Suspect Zero. Kingsley won an Oscar for Best Actor in 1982's Ghandi and has been nominated three times for Bugsy, Sexy Beast, and House of Sand and Fog.

    There's still no word who is going to be the next Bond, in case Pierce Brosnan has really made his exit from the franchise. MGM has the 21st film scheduled for a November 18, 2005 release. It is unknown if a possible MGM acquisition by Time Warner would change that.

    Kingsley has recently been cast in the movie adaption of Bloodrayne, a popular video game.



    That Alien Life Form from Melmac is having the release of the first season of his TV show, ALF, on DVD.
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    The star-speckled (Including The Lord of the Rings' own Dominic Monaghan, aka Merry)drama surrounding a group of unrelateds getting stranded on a tropical island is just about ready to take flight...and then crash land....right in your living room. Starting September 22nd (fabulous date) you'll be able to see the crew try to survive this island menace weekly at 8pm on ABC.

    It sounds like the pilot is something that you won't want to miss, either. Reviews are all very positive, placing it in the ranks of Jennifer Garner's critically acclaimed Alias.

    The pilot of "Alias" was deemed the best pilot of the season by many of the critics when it was screened, lo and behold several years on the spy series is still going strong and is soon to begin its fourth year. That show's creator J.J. Abrams (the man also behind the still much loved "Felicity") meanwhile has come up with this 13-episode series as his next show for ABC and again the pilot is topping many lists as the best of the new Fall season. The story of 48 survivors of a plane crash on a deserted tropical island thankfully won't be mistaken for "Survivor" or "Giligan's Island", Abrams opting for his usual trick of dangling plot threads and raising questions right from the start to which we learn the answers to gradually over the course of the series. What are the terrifying sounds coming from the jungle?, if this is the tropics why is there man-eating monsters and the occasional polar bear appearing, why (and who) was the passenger travelling in iron, and why does one show have such an odd array of cast members including TV veterans like Matthew Fox ("Party of Five"), Harold Perrineau Jr. ("Oz"), and big screen youngsters Ian Somerhalder ("Rules of Attraction") and Dominic Monaghan ("The Lord of the Rings"). Still, can a show with this concept last much beyond one series?
    8 pm Wednesdays, ABC. Begins September 22nd.