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    If this is in the wrong place please let me know. Thanks

    Name: Raine
    Race: Human
    Age: 24
    Appearance: He stands at appox 6'4, he is relatively skinny for his height more or less lanky. He has dark brown eyes with matching long dark hair.
    Biography: He lived out his youth in normal circumstances in a small village up North, spending his time training to become a strong warrior. However, he was generally weak and knew his strengths lied in his speed, he brought this to the attention of his father who refused to accept it. During the celebration of his 18th birthday, he ran away from the village knowing that he was never going to become a warrior. He eventually found himself with a group of bandits who saw his speed and took him in to train in the art of thievery.
    Abilities: He has a good speed and can adapt to fighting on any battleground. Also because of his training he can more or less steal any lightly guarded items. He also carries a set of 3 daggers 2 of which can be wielded very well, the 3rd dagger used as part of a unique technique he knows as Dagger Rain.