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    Name: Scarlet Rayne

    Gyin Thread!

    *Age*: 37 (doesn’t look a day over 21)

    *Sex*: Female

    *Race*: *Progressive*

    *Clan/Tribe/Kingdom*: N/A

    *Class*: Blade master

    *Weaponry*: 2xIvory Hunting Blades. Rather Extravagant in their design but immensely sturdy. The main blade is almost as long as a short sword and there is also a jagged guard around the handle to make parrying much easier but also to trap oncoming weapons to disarm her opponent.

    *Personal Appearance*: Her hair is now a deep red although it used to be more reflective of her name. Her eye's are an icy blue, enough to draw anyone's attention; almost hypnotising but at the same time rather unnerving. She is 6'0'' but with the confidence she emits on a good day you could mistake her for being half a foot taller. She is of a slim build to the eye but don’t let this fool you, muscle's envelope her entire body, she is not one to mess with lightly.

    *Clothing*: Her outfit had progressed from Red to white but now she only where's a black and rather revealing satin outfit with leather strapping wound up her right arm.

    *History*: This fine figure of life started off as one who knew the true meaning of innocence having been born without it. This is a summary of her rollercoaster existence so I’ll try to keep it short.

    For reasons she still doesn’t know, Scarlet was born a Werewolf though it was more of a blessing to her than a curse. It was not an uncontrollable curse but more of a genetic combination. Scarlet still looked like a human but had all the 'advantages' of a Werewolf.

    She never 'had' any parents so grew up quickly on the streets; Her genetically 'inherited' strength meant even as a young girl she could look after herself; this was to the downfall of many an ignorant rapist and mugger.

    Scarlet, at the age of 17, had become the underground law enforcer but there weren't any rules, and there wasn’t ANYONE with the power or the re-enforcements to challenge her. By the age of 20 there wasn't a single criminal left in her little town.

    Her talent was spotted whilst training and effortlessly dispatching opponent after opponent. She was taken on as a mercenary and the adventures came in thick and fast. Her loyalty to her 'squad' grew exponentially through the numerous encounters and varied relationships. The end of her life as she knew it was brought about when fighting a creature above and beyond the combined power of the group. Scarlet sacrificed her own life to save those of her party. She let herself be taken whilst carrying an unstable fire gem. The result was messy to say the least but it was as desired, the rest of her party survived.

    As you may have guessed, this was not to be her end. The god's saw her sacrifice and blessed her for it; Scarlet was re-incarnated as an angel. It took her a while to get used to a holy life but she liked it once she was used to it. She was set back down to earth in her home town.

    To her surprise it had become a thriving place. Law enforcers marched the street day and night keeping order and as that was where she had started life, she sought to make an honest living through it again.

    Her captain, as it was, knew she had more ability than any of his other soldiers would ever have and because of this put her on special tasks. More ventures followed but betrayal wasn’t far behind. Scarlet has never found out who it was, but her position was given to some revenge thirsty wraiths. Wraiths are very rare creatures but unmatched in their ability to reek havoc. They can shift between the physical and the spirit world at will and cause horrendous damage in both. Whether this is fortunate or not is down to personal opinion but they weren’t after her life, they wanted to break her, and that's what they did.

    [*Personal Appearance* continued] She no longer has her wings, and the veins from her left arm, up and across her back to up her lower left cheek appear black, more so than the night sky. Her beauty is still un-matched but something about her torturous and tattoo like blood lines stick an icy edge to the attraction she still holds.

    *Personality*: After the encounter her will for justice was eradicated beyond retrieval; her sense of morality was wiped out, and her previous personality warped beyond recognition.

    *Abilities*: Despite her transformations, she still holds her natural hunting abilities from her childhood. She has a very acute sense of smell along with sharp hearing and has quite remarkable tracking abilities. On top of that she has a disturbing ability to run as silently as the shadows.

    She uses ivory hunting blades as her main weapon though she could handle much larger blades if she needed to. Her close combat abilities are again outstanding, most of it instinctual but the rest from years of practice and her training with the core. She has mastered the art of sword fighting and blade use in general but has no training at all with projectile weaponry. She is flexible in more ways than one and uses this in terms of gymnastic skill to dodge and weave.

    She earns her money through being a mercenary but will always do the deed of the highest bidder. Moral is no longer an issue. The question is: could someone pull her back from her desperate situation...
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