Morhlan Desert

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    Stepping through a portal into the scorching heat, were the most unusual couple - A small child, and a god. The god looked to be one of great evil, while the girl looked completely fearless. "Bec, How many times must i tell you not to drag me into these weird portals with you?"

    *The girl begins to laugh*

    "Come on Reeceeeee. I know the crystal is somewhere in this Desert! I can feel its power... cant you?"

    "The only power that i can feel is the amount of DEAD SPIRITS floating around here."

    *The girl pulls out a compass of sorts, and begins walking North*

    "Dont say a word. Just trust me!"

    "If you were anybody else Bec, You would spend eternity in the underworld. WITH ME!"

    "But im not, and you wouldnt do that to me, so lets go, i think its over here"