Modernized Grimms' Fairy Tales

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    The modern world is --- well --- modern. There is a trend in 'throwback cinema' (e.g., John Boorman's Excalibur, Michael Chapman's The Clan of the Cave Bear), so why not re-spin classics to give them 'modern flair'?


    The Brothers Grimm were wandering around Los Angeles 2001 (Halloween Eve) after going through a time portal which carried them from 1800 London (the time of Jack-the-Ripper). Mistaken simply for festive Halloween-goers dressed in unusual 1800s British fashions, the Brothers Grimm were sent on a special mission by Dungeon-Master to find three worthy tales for their collection of written adventures, recorded on their magic scroll. That Halloween, they found 3 in L.A.

    1. A masked zombie-like serial killer named Jason (apparently resurrected from the grave after an electric bolt hit his tomb) encounters three humanoid mermaids (stirred out of the depths of the Pacific by sinking toxic waste) off the coast of L.A.; even though no one records the event, the Brothers Grimm notice the event and record it as another instance of 'Earth's lucky blindness.'

    2. A beautiful Dutch airline stewardess named Elsa who is secretly a witch travels around the world for KLM (Netherlands' national airline-carrier) and distributes opium and poisonous herbs designed to make men addicted to cocaine; she primarily preys on stockbrokers she deems as 'diplomats of Hell' but tonight is instead killed by a psychotic American traveller named Richard who gets off at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport).

    3. A storytelling young nymphet named Dawn travels through the L.A. car dump with her mutated mystic brother Maxx, who is actually Satan; the two stay up all night making poems about the apocalyptic asteroid Wormwood (described in Revelation) with doomsayer lines/lyrics such as, "The Rock (Hollywood) could not save us from Eddie Brock (Venom)" and "The American city is full of rapists screaming to the heavens for a giant moon-rock to fall on their heads...and in their beds."



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