Middle Fingers, Right Hooks, and Sunshine...

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    Not where I wanna be
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    I feel it in the air now, the static on my skin,
    I'm waiting for this life to end and the next to begin,
    They tell me it's just a step away,
    And if I could, I wouldn't stay...

    I never will understand what happened to the love,
    But it's something that I am going to rise above,
    It's not a matter of if but when,
    I'm just waiting for summer to begin...

    Because I can see you standing there,
    The wind blowing through your hair,
    Sunglasses and a USA top,
    No, I will never 'just stop'...

    You want a sense of direction, something I know too well,
    This distance, this doubt, when it poisoned the well,
    And you drank deep and turned away,
    But that summer, in my head, is here to stay...

    All the little voices that tell me not to stand my ground,
    But I'm planted like a flag, you know I'll never turn around,
    Because, as much as I want it to stop hurting,
    All the things I tried just weren't working...

    Because I can see you, laid out on the bed,
    Nothing else on but the halo around your head,
    Sunburns, love bites, and a whole lot of summer,
    But now I'm here in the dark waiting for it get warmer...

    I know it's out of reach, but never out of mind,
    You're the one and only, and I'm one of a kind,
    Is it true what they say about what is lost can be found,
    And if it ain't, I'll be here just kind of standing around...

    Radio in my head blaring memories from the past,
    All of those other tricks with flips can kiss my ass,
    As defiant as I am, yes it still burns today,
    When you said no after I asked you to stay...

    I can see you, standing outside my window,
    But you're not even really there though,
    The poison of nostalgia in my vein,
    Makes me believe it'll be worth all the pain...