Mercy Not Included...

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    Where I lay my head is home
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    Head in the clouds, but I wanted more,
    If only the stars knew what I had in store,
    For them and all the planets around them,
    The universe in my palms when I begin...

    With bright eyes, I can see everything I've taken,
    A single heartbeat, and now the spirit awakens,
    On the cover of every magazine, man of the year,
    Champion of the people, it's all so near...

    Vintage perfection, an ununderstandable enigma,
    I took what I wanted, success is my only stigma,
    Was given nothing, no crutches to hold the weight of this life,
    Temper me in the storm, perfected in a crucible of flame and strife...

    This life comes with a warning label: mercy not included,
    And I watched the masses read it and become deluded,
    This is why I am better, this is why I will farther,
    Because I dare to tread where others don't bother...

    Throw your stones, I will be stronger still,
    I see your envious eyes, how does it feel?
    To have your light eclipsed by one so fantastic,
    What, you think you're the first to say I'm bombastic...

    Another day, another way, another passage in this maze,
    Written down in my life's blood to be read until the end of days,
    Who knows where I belong, everywhere I go its all the same,
    Take what they have to give, you all will remember my name...

    Not a whisper in the dark, but a roar from upon high,
    Just let me put it this way, it is I who limits the sky,
    Their hands grasp, tug, pull at my coat tails,
    Trying to drag me under but to no avail...

    But now that I have your attention,
    Before I go and forget to mention,
    I still have one hill climb, one kingdom left to claim,
    My only friend here is time, and I'm not doing it for fame...

    The end of the backbiters, the whispers of doubt in my ears,
    Because, you see, I've already faced my greatest fears,
    Not a matter of time, but a matter of fate,
    And all I have to do is wait...