Melkor and Sauron: Through the Ages

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    This is a really really really long poem I wrote that outlines the life of Melkor (Morgoth) from the time of creation to when he was cast into the abyss, then picks up with Sauron from then until the end of the War of the Ring. The Melkor part was originally a different poem that I kind of threw on, so that's why it is in the first person and might have a slightly different style/feel (I wrote the two parts at least a year apart). All the poem is is a summary of their lives. Here it is:

    * * * * *

    I am the darkest of the foulest things
    The most evil of all evil beings
    Evil I turned in times long ago
    Out in the void did I often go
    And in those times I began to grow
    More evil and foul than ever you know
    Ever dissention did I try to sew
    And cause the music to cease to flow
    But before I could cause too much discord
    Stopped was I by the Ultimate Lord
    It was in that moment, when I was ashamed
    That deep down within me a malice was flamed
    And when we were shown what our music created
    Then it was that my pride was inflated
    And then I began to contemplate
    How I could dement good things with hate
    And so did I descend unto the world
    At which time was my veil unfurled
    So was my evil and contempt let loose
    Thus did I turn good to evil use
    And when I could I did dement
    I changed the world from what was meant
    And from those good I did convince
    Some to join me, and ever since
    They have all served me so well
    Foul they are; beasts great and fell
    One there was chief in the Ranks
    Sauron was he, and to him thanks
    Did my dominion rule on high
    I always tricked and love to lie
    In such ways did I many things great
    And ever was grand power my bait
    Balrogs were after Sauron in line
    Gothmog was a favorite of mine
    Grond was named the Mace I bore
    Ever it dealt wounds grave and sore
    But the waking of Elves did make
    The Valar come and my fortress take
    But deep within my dungeons deep
    Did Sauron and the Balrogs keep
    Imprisoned I was by the Valar then
    Though for but three ages, it seemed for ten
    But when at last I was set free
    I acted like it had reformed me
    And so did I feign to be good
    Until the Valar’s guard down stood
    And so did I escape and run
    To Middle-Earth, to an evil one
    Who would assist me in destroying
    The light that the Valar were enjoying
    The one who’s last offspring was Shelob
    Within whose body did darkness throb
    Ungoliant was her foul name
    And with me to Valimar she came
    And we did destroy the Two Trees
    Then left again swift as the breeze
    Thus went we to the hidden store
    Where lay the Silmarils I lusted for
    And there guarding that precious hoard
    Was Finwë the great Elven Lord
    And I made an end of Finwë
    And off we were, but chased like prey
    Though we escaped, and thus did I
    For Ungoliant tried to pry
    The Silmarils that Fëanor wrought
    And so there we evil ones fought
    But not did I have for myself to fend
    For the Balrogs did Sauron send
    And away the foul thing fled
    And by the Balrogs was I led
    Back to my fortress of long ago
    Though it was damaged by many a blow
    And so it lay in ruin there
    But then I rebuilt wall and stair
    And Thangorodrim then was raised
    And ever was I by evil praised
    But Fëanor in his blind fury
    Chased me after, and in his hurry
    He became too bold and proud
    And so was he by Gothmog plowed
    And stricken down did he then die
    And away from him his spirit did fly
    But other Elves still there remained
    And ever was the green grass stained
    With blood of Elves and Orcs both
    And ever aid me did Fëanor’s oath
    For the Elves at times did fight each other
    And I just watched and didn’t bother
    To intervene in the combating
    And ever joyous was the sighting
    And even when stolen was a Silmaril
    All that it did was stir more ill will
    And they did most of my work for me
    But never did I ever foresee
    That to the Valar it would come
    And they came down and drove me from
    My precious fortress and did fight
    And they took from me all my might
    So then did they cast me into the Void
    And they so thought evil destroyed
    But Sauron stayed and labored on
    And thus was evil never gone.
    So through the years did Sauron fight
    And great was he in all his might.
    When the Valar came and took away
    His master, mighty in his day
    Sauron escaped and hid from sight
    Until long years passed in flight
    He rose again and took Mordor
    As his land forever more
    And built within a tower great
    And also there he made a gate
    And from the hills of haunted fame
    There to him all dark things came
    And swelled his numbers, great and vast
    And soon did Sauron in fair cast
    Go to the Elves and Men around
    Until the Gwaith-i-Mírdain he found
    And he with them forged many Rings
    Grand and mighty of all things
    Nine he gave to the kings of Men
    Seven to the Dwarf-Lords, and then
    Greatest yet was wrought for Elves
    Three mighty Rings for just themselves
    But then did Sauron leave them there
    And went back to his fiery lair
    To Orodruin, mountain of fire
    And thus was he seen as a liar
    For there he made the greatest yet
    And no jewel upon was set
    But writing dark and bound with spell
    Wrought in characters black and fell
    And thus did Celebrimbor hear
    That which was beyond all fear
    That to the One were all others bound
    And upon it was their power found.
    Thus began a war so full of hate
    And scoured were lands fair of late.
    In that span of seven long years
    Many were the shedding of tears
    For many people would live no more
    And help they called from Númenor.
    Such aid was then received so great
    That no power of evil or hate
    Could cow that force, and run did they
    Who served Sauron in that day
    And for a long count of years
    Few was the shedding of tears
    But Sauron returned and in his pride
    Claimed a title to thus abide
    The King of Men was that name.
    But hearing this great Númenor came
    In fury of pride, and so great were they
    That all who saw them ran away
    As from over the Sea did he traverse
    Ar-Pharazôn, the Golden One, and cursed
    Was he to endure an evil fate
    To be corrupted and turned to hate.
    He marched upon Sauron so grand
    And in pride did Ar-Pharazôn command
    Sauron himself to come with him then
    Prisoner of the true King of Men.
    Deserted by his Orcs Sauron agreed
    And in Númenor helped grow the seed
    Of the desire for immortal life
    And thus he encouraged strife
    Between them and the Valar great
    So that they would retaliate
    And they destroy that race of Man
    Who were a nuisance to his plan.
    And within fifty years or so
    Sauron did thus succeed to sew
    Dissention in the hearts of Men
    The desire for life, and then
    Ar-Pharazôn sailed to Valinor
    But the Valar did much, much more
    Than Sauron had thought they would
    And from afar the Valar then stood
    And they then called upon Ilúvatar
    The All-Father, not some avatar
    And the Ultimate Lord, creator of all
    Then standing declared the doom to fall
    And beyond Sauron’s greatest fears
    The Isle of Númenor, aged many years
    Was cast down beneath the Sundering Seas
    As if it had been of great ease
    But some escaped that evil fate
    For those of Númenor free of hate
    Had left before and sailed away
    Towards Middle-Earth and off-shore lay
    With four ships and treasures had they
    When their beloved Númenor passed away.
    Then came they fast upon winds great
    Nearly flying were they, so fast was their rate
    And then they landed, free now from foe
    Upon the lands where they dwelt long ago
    And in the destruction of fair Númenor
    They had thought Sauron was made no more.
    But wrong they were; Sauron yet did survive
    Very much so strong and alive
    For no Maia may be thus slain
    Only their bodies, which can be made again
    And thus he went back to his realm
    To order his servants to make sword and helm
    And wrought for himself a new form he did
    Black and burning, but yet he hid
    Away in Mordor until he had made
    Ready for the war that had long been stayed
    And in this time the Nazgûl came
    Black and burning with evil flame
    Kings of Men they were before
    But they were Kings of Men no more
    For Sauron gave the Nine Rings of Men
    One to each of the Lords, and then
    They were corrupted and in good lost faith
    The Nazgûl, the evil Ringwraiths
    And despair they dealt with but a cry
    And wounds they gave from which all would die.
    Thus did they come upon that place
    Where later dwelt their evil race
    Tower of the Moon, Minas Ithil
    And all within that place could feel
    Their onslaught coming from far away
    And few remained to fight that day
    When down upon the Tower they fell
    And all within cowered at their evil yell
    So before long time had passed
    All within had breathed their last.
    But in that Tower, before it was taken
    Isildur stayed, for he was not shaken
    And before he fled from his abode
    He took the palantír and away he rode
    And so did he come upon Minas Anor
    With the palantír which away he bore
    And soon after that horrid day
    No longer was that war to stay
    And unleashed were the forces of Mordor then
    Issuing forth from dark cave and fen
    And upon Gondor was their attack
    But they were then quite taken aback
    For the Army of the Last Alliance amassed
    And their onslaught was fierce and fast
    They fought with relentless fury and strength
    Battling on for days at length
    And repelling the Orcs the Army pressed
    And their strength proved much the best
    As to the Dagorlad they came at last
    Where a battle fierce then passed
    And defeated the Orcs of Mordor fled
    Back into their dark land of dread
    And the Army of Elves and Men
    Came to the tower of Mordor then
    The Barad-dûr, the Dark Tower
    The abode of Sauron and his power
    And besieged then was that place
    Dreaded by all of the Human race
    And taken it was after seven long years
    Of fighting and unnumbered tears
    And upon the slopes of Orodruin
    The reign of Sauron was laid in ruin
    And the High King of the Elves then
    With the High King of the realms of Men
    Fought with Sauron, mace to brand
    Then fought Gil-galad, hand to hand
    But burned, the High King of the Elves was slain
    Never to see his great and fair home again
    Burned was he by Sauron’s flesh, black and hot
    And so then alone Elendil fought
    One on one with Sauron the Great
    Wielder of deception and empowered by hate
    And with Narsil, his mighty sword
    Elendil strove with The Abhorred
    Long and hard they fought on end
    None around who help could lend
    And brave and mighty though he was
    Elendil the Fair, and though noble the cause
    He was struck down by Sauron’s mace
    Crushed and broken was his grace
    And fell did he upon the earth
    A man of high and kingly birth
    And to him came his valiant son
    Isildur knelt, and around he spun
    To face Sauron, towering above
    And with strength at his age unheard of
    He dove for his father’s broken brand
    And then arose and there did stand
    In front of Sauron, who looked down upon him
    And Sauron laughed at his foe’s look so grim
    And he reached down to seize his foe
    But swift and nimble he dealt his blow
    For the hand with which Sauron was reaching
    Was the hand upon which he bore the Ring.
    Quick and precise, Isildur’s assault
    Brought all who fought to a halt
    For his finger was severed and fell
    The Ring upon it, and Sauron’s shell
    Now deprived of its sustaining might
    Was splintered and broke with a flash of light
    And a torrent of thunder smote the sky
    And in winds swirling went up a cry
    That shook the earth beneath their feet
    So powerful was Sauron’s defeat
    And a deafening crack which rang out high
    Cowing all those beneath the sky
    And an eruption of flame came forth then
    Nearly blinding the Elves and Men
    Coming from Sauron’s cracked armor
    Which suddenly burst with a clap of thunder
    And a wave of power swept out so great
    Like a hurricane’s wind at a murderous rate
    It blasted all who stood to the ground
    In a great many miles all around
    And to the ground did the helm fall
    That Sauron had worn on his head tall
    And passed did Sauron from that land
    To the lands in the East under his command
    And the lands in the South where he was lord
    Diminished and shapeless was now the Abhorred
    And for many long years he awaited his hour
    Though much weakened without his Ring of Power
    And he planned his assault hard and long
    Eager for revenge for who had done him wrong
    And as the Necromancer of Dol Guldur
    He returned and again did evil stir
    In the forest Greenwood the Great
    Was the place that he filled with hate
    And there did evil things amass
    And soon after it came to pass
    That Greenwood was no longer fair
    And was heard to hold an evil lair
    And people called it Greenwood no more
    Mirkwood they called it, and that name it bore
    For many long years after that
    And all the while Sauron sat
    He set his plans and under his rule
    The chief of his most trusted Nazgûl
    Went North and founded the realm of Angmar
    To which he could amass evil from afar
    And mightier than any man could quell
    He was the Witch King, mighty and fell
    And he warred against the Elves and Men
    With armies greater than five thousand times ten
    Of Orcs and wraiths and creatures dark
    And when he was close to hit the mark
    Glorfindel of the House of Fingolfin
    Came from the West where he had been
    And he gathered together a mighty host
    And drove out the Witch King from Fornost
    But too late was that host in there arrival
    For the Dúnedain kingdom lay beyond revival
    Being thus successful in his defeat
    The Lord of the Nazgûl did retreat
    And the Nazgûl went with orders from their liege
    And recaptured Minas Ithil after a two-year siege
    And that became afterwards known
    The Tower of the Moon that had shown
    Minas Morgul, the Tower of Sorcery
    And no man ever went there with will free.
    But in those first days of Sauron’s abode
    When evil from his tower flowed
    He was sensed by none other than the Valar
    Across the sundering seas to Aman so far
    And they sent forth five of their own
    Maiar, but in mortal bodies sewn
    And they came to the Eastern shore
    The Istari they were called in days of yore
    And Gandalf the Grey, second in order
    Came to the source of Sauron’s disorder
    And into the very Lion’s Den
    Gandalf ventured where dared no men
    Into Dol Guldur did Gandalf go
    To confirm the identity he did not know
    But Sauron escaped and fled into the East
    And for many years those lands had peace
    But Sauron did indeed come back
    And of Orcs he had no lack
    And forth he sent a plague of disease
    Causing Gondor’s watch on Mordor to ease
    And he sent forth his Nazgûl to prepare
    Mordor for Sauron’s use as his lair
    But a darker secret loomed before the Wise
    For Saruman the White had begun to devise
    His own schemes for his own dominion
    And thought to the making of his own minions
    And soon he too desired the Ring
    The One that could make him the King
    And searched he did by the Fields of Gladden
    And in his lust he began to madden.
    Thus it was that as Gandalf tried
    To have the Necromancer pried
    From his abode in evil Mirkwood
    Saruman allayed their fears, best he could
    And said that they should wait a while
    Though hoping in his mind so vile
    Saruman wished for the Ring to show
    Sensing its master of long ago
    But Gandalf the Grey would not wait
    And went again to the dungeon of hate
    And there he found alone and in pain
    The dying Dwarf whose name was Thaín
    And gave to Gandalf did he then
    A key what would open a secret den
    But then he died, and Gandalf sought
    And found the identity of who he thought
    For none other than Sauron did he find
    Thinking alone in his cold, dark mind
    And with this knowledge did Gandalf run
    Though he barely survived what he had done
    But even then did Saruman stall
    Hoping beyond hope for the One to fall
    Into his clutches. But Sauron was not blind
    For he saw that his lair was undermined
    And so he prepared to fly from that place
    If in need he might be of haste
    And when at last did Saruman submit
    The Order of the Istari lay there hit
    But Sauron fled at will and went
    To the place where his servants he sent
    To Mordor, and he declared openly
    That he was back, for all to see
    And he prepared again to make war
    And so he rebuilt the Barad-dûr
    And made ready his Orcs and Men of the south
    Dark and swarthy with tongues uncouth
    And men of the East did he also bring forth
    And from the lands far to the North.
    Thus was Sauron building his strength
    Preparing to unleash his forces at length
    But then he encountered an inquisitive mind
    For Saruman looked into the palantír to find
    Knowledge of the Ring, but was ensnared
    By Sauron then and he too prepared
    To make war upon Middle-Earth
    And in Orthanc no longer was their mirth.
    But to his surprise again Sauron found
    An inquisitive mind searching around
    For Gollum came to him then
    From deep within his shadowy den
    Gollum, who bore the One Ring for years
    And then was Gollum tortured to tears
    And told to Sauron of how he met
    One Bilbo Baggins, and how he set
    Off with his precious Ring
    And left his den with this precious thing.
    And so did Sauron learn at long last
    That out from the deep shadows of the past
    The Ring of his making was found
    And forth at did he send his minions to search around
    And before long he found it indeed
    In the hands of a Hobbit who paid little heed
    To the danger that he was in
    And to chase him down did the Nazgûl begin
    But he eluded their capture and came
    To find a companion of meaningless name
    But that man did manage to flee away
    And Frodo the Hobbit escaped that day.
    But little did Sauron know that he
    Who did keep Frodo from his clutches free
    Was Aragorn son of Arathorn the Fair
    And he was none other than Isildur’s Heir.
    But Sauron knew not that he did live
    And no heed to this man did he give
    And he searched long and hard for his Ring
    Upon which depended everything
    But unknown to him also did the wise
    In Rivendell secretly devise
    To destroy this thing which tempted all
    Under whose influence all Men would fall
    And he waited and prepared still
    To go to war with Gondor until
    It chanced that within his palantír he saw
    A sight which brought him to frightened awe
    For Aragorn showed himself to his foe
    Assuring that Sauron did indeed know
    That the Heir of Isildur himself has come
    For Aragorn hoped that he would succumb
    To his fear and strike before he had planned
    For weak indeed is the unsteady hand
    And to the luck of all Sauron did
    And Sauron’s army was no longer hid
    As Sauron’s forces went forth to war
    For if you strike hard, you need not strike more
    And Sauron sent also forth a smog
    Denser than the densest fog
    That blackened the sky when it was full noon
    And never before had any seen such a gloom
    But so was Sauron’s fall in his haste
    As he sent forth his troops as he raced
    To beat down Gondor before it was set
    And the armies of Gondor and Mordor met
    And besieged was the Tower of Guard that day
    And despair fell upon all who were hidden away
    But even as all seemed lost to all
    Suddenly did the tide of the battle fall
    As out of the west came King Theoden
    With the Riders of Rohan, and in the din
    Battle was brought to the Orcs from behind
    And no safe place could they find
    But even as the Rohirrim came
    Their whole effort was put to shame
    For the Mûmakil charged and trampled scores of men
    And all seemed lost until again
    The tides of war turned in their favor
    As with the coming of a wind good in flavor
    Black ships of the Corsairs came up from the South
    Made by the men who are black and uncouth
    But these ships within no evil men had
    For those ships, though from Harad
    Were taken by Men of Gondor before
    And when the Orcs thought they were doubled in score
    A white standard was raised on the lead ship
    And from it leapt like at the crack of a whip
    Aragorn son of Arathorn, and with him came
    Gimli and Legolas, and the Dúnedain
    And they swept forward like the front of a storm
    And there did Andúril valiantly perform
    Narsil reforged, and as it swung
    The clouds of Mordor lifted and in shown the sun
    Terrified and outnumbered the Orcs then fled
    And killed one by one soon all lay dead
    But most grievous of all Sauron’s pains
    The servant at whose very name despair rains
    The Witch King of Angmar was destroyed
    The hands of a Hobbit and a Woman employed.
    And all the while the Ring remained hid
    And begin to fear then Sauron did
    As forth from the ashes of the battle just fought
    Aragorn son of Arathorn sought
    To come to Mordor with a meager force
    But Sauron saw not the cause of this course
    For Aragorn and Gandalf had to by time
    For Frodo and Sam who ventured to climb
    Mount Doom, Orodruin, and the Ring destroy
    So this suicidal act was a decoy
    But Sauron was blind to all else and planned
    To crush the Men with his great hand
    But even as this act he set in motion
    He was aware of an odd commotion
    And suddenly saw the Sammath Naur
    And that within, not very far
    His precious Ring was upon a Hobbit’s hand
    As in his own mountain did it stand
    And he heard it claim the Ring as his own
    But even as the Nazgûl closed on that zone
    Gollum leapt upon Frodo’s back
    With a swift and ferocious attack
    And Gollum bit off the Ring and the finger
    Upon which the Ring did linger
    And Frodo fell, crying in pain
    And Gollum danced, the Ring his again
    But even as that did occur
    And his heart swelled with mad laughter
    Gollum slipped and fell off the path
    And plunged he did into a fiery bath.
    But ended then was the One Ring
    Beloved of all his greatest things
    And with a deafening crack the ground split
    And forth all over did lava spit
    And even as the Orcs fought the Men
    They were suddenly confused, and then
    They fled in all directions in their fear
    As the ground cracked as all could hear
    And crumbled did the Barad-dûr
    And ended then was that evil war
    For Sauron’s strength was in that Ring
    And with its end came his own ending
    And then was Sauron too far diminished
    Beyond what any Man hoped, he was finished
    And his spirit faded into the sky
    Never to live and never to die
    And broken then was the Nazgûl’s form
    And the air shook like thunder in a storm
    As they too vanished into the night
    Never again to see the day’s light.
    And so passed then the evil ones
    The spirits which any good thing shuns
    And free were the people of Middle-Earth
    To celebrate and be full of mirth
    And peace they had with the evil Men
    The Men of the South and of Eastern den
    And few Orcs indeed did remain
    And those that did were hunted and slain
    Thus did the Age of Men come to begin
    A place where free all men could dwell in
    And so did most evil pass away
    Giving way to the bright-shining day.

    * * * * *

    Well, there it is. Some parts are better than others, but it's one of my personal crowning achievements.