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Discussion in 'Random Chat' started by robgremi, Aug 13, 2011.

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    Ok, so, as my very first video to be made ever, I am putting together a fan vid of sorts to the song, Loreley, by Blackmores Night, I am scouring the web, looking for some video clips of preferrably Satyrs dancing, with their pipes, but many other creatures might be able to work too, Fairies, Elves, etc. if anyone can help me, please let me know, any help would be much appreciated, I believe you can get in contact with me at my email address, I believe I made it accessible to everyone, if not, just post here, I will be monitoring this channel.

    Again, Thank you all in advance for taking the time to read this and any help which may arise out of this.

    My name is Robbie, Hello to all