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    Full Name: Cirrus Gadra
    Species: Human
    Age: 24
    Occupation: Unemployed Hitman
    Hometown: The Den of the Mother, west Karn
    Skills: Proficient in Swordsmanship and knifethrowing. Intermediate in Explosive Pressure Point techniques.
    Hobbies: Drinking, Darts.
    Likes: Crowds, tea, cigarettes, temples.
    Dislikes: Children, low intelligence.
    Clothing: Black hiking boots, black brigga, black undershirt, with blue celtic cross over the front.
    Weapon(s) of choice: Ivory bone katana. Grypphon Daggers.
    Traveling Group: None
    Relevant History: None

    Physical Description:
    -Height: 5"10
    -Weight: 157
    -Eye Color: Brown
    -Hair Color: Black
    -Notable Scars/Injuries: Single razor-thin scar over the left eye.
    -Disability/ies: Blindness in the left eye.
    -General Physical Ability: Lean and light, Cirrus blends well with the shadows, and moves with stealth and cat-like grace. He uses his sword as a tool for killing, rather than a dueling weapon, and prefferes to kill with a single stroke rather than have a drawn out fight.
    *Psychological Description: Quiet in nature, thought not unable to have a decent conversation, Cirrus is a realist that recognizes the value of being personable and versatile. He makes it a point to remain calm, polite, but not overaccomidating.
    -Optimist/Pessimist: Optimist
    -Introvert/Extrovert: Introvert
    -General Alignment: The Den
    -General Intelligence: Average
    -General Attitude Toward Friends: Quite loyal, but easily diffused.
    -General Attitude Toward Strangers: Dependant on situation and mood.
    -Opinion of the World: The world is a web, God, the spider. He who knows the web best, escapes Him.
    -Mental Endurance: High
    -Favorite Quote(s): Fujimoh