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    Got this in my email today:


    The soundtrack to The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King is in stores today, Tuesday November 25th. The album features an original score by Howard Shore, plus "Into The West," performed by Annie Lennox. Other performances by The Chieftains and Sir James Galway are also included. The CD features an insert of one of seven exclusive collectable character cards from the movie, plus an enhanced CD with bonus multimedia content.

    Because you purchased the previous Lord of the Rings soundtracks or signed up to the mailing list, we're offering an Internet-only Limited Edition of The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King enhanced-CD soundtrack. There is a limited supply available, so act fast. Pre-order the Internet Limited Edition now exclusively online now for $29.98. If you order right now, you will receive it by December 9th. This album will NOT be in-stores, so get it online now.

    The Internet Limited Edition enhanced-CD features deluxe brown leatherette packing, custom belly-band artwork, and a page of 18 stamps featuring characters from the film. It also comes with a DVD that features a video of the making of the score, plus an exclusive Supertrailer of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Plus, get the full set of seven printed collectable character cards, which are only available individually as one of a set of seven in the Standard Jewel Case Edition.

    Also included exclusively on this Internet Edition enhanced-CD:

    - Printable map of Mordor
    - Return of the King print & color set
    - Five exclusive online trading cards
    - Five exclusive buddy icons

    Plus, these other special enhancements:

    - Return of the King movie trailer
    - Return of the King image gallery
    - Five online trading cards
    - Lord of the Rings video game trailers
    - Making of "Into The West" featuring Annie Lennox
    - Screensavers, buddy icons & more

    Pre-order it now! http://timewarnerordercenter.com/st...en,scAdd&upc=093624856528&sys=wbr&CpnMessage=

    Other editions of the Return of the King soundtrack will be available on December 9th:

    - The limited enhanced CD soundtrack with exclusive extras
    - The limited edition 3-CD set of each soundtrack from the trilogy
    - The Lord of the Rings T-shirt and special LOTR paper slipcase