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    Ok, this is my first try at RPG profile, so if i make a mistake, private message me and i'll change it

    Name: Luther Koss
    Age: 25
    Height: 6ft
    Personality: Quite yet determined
    Occupation: Agent of the Inquisition
    Weapon: Blessed Longsword
    Armor: Conveniant armor on chest, arms, and legs, and cape also
    Abilities: Extreme strenght and speed, quick reaction time and leadership skills

    Luther Koss was born in a small village in the Kingdom of Zeronte. At age 7 his village was destroyed by beastmen and he only survived due to his mother hiding him in a grain closet. A soldier of the Inquisition was the first on the scene and took him into the order. for the next 13 years he was trained to aid the Emperess's army and hunt down the demonic leagons that plauge the north.

    At one point his abilties were so well defined that his hunt for evil became an obssession, and as a result was exiled when he killed a duke on a suspician. Agent Koss now wanders the realms of Dwarves and Elves as a mercinary, gaining fame and honor, and hopefully one day the favor of his Empress and Kingdom.