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Discussion in 'Random Chat' started by Foinikas, Jan 26, 2011.

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    Hi this is me again,looking for something so...here's a small announcement:

    I've gone nuts with Bioshock 2(I just finished the game today)and I was wondering,if any of my friends living aboard that can and are willing to find and send me(i'll pay you of course)any kind of Bioshock 2 merchandise especially the Big Daddy action figure,Big Daddy plush toy,Little Sister or generally...anything of that kind....because you know here in Greece we get things late...or not at all,so....please let me know ok?

    People like Alchemist,Overread,Oddrun,Alpha Alex,Blackness,Mem,Turambar,Anakin,Padme,pyro....anyone who can find such stuff please tell me ok?

    And again,don't ask me why I don't just order them from the net,it's a long story so forget that,if I could I wouldn't be bothering you with that.

    Thanks guys,keep up the fantasy! :)