Looking Back

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    Here, at the holidays, I have no memory as to the identity of the real me
    I just woke up out here in the cold and the snow, I have no idea where I should go
    I have a feeling like something is drawing me to something, maybe in this I'll find a key
    So I will follow the feeling, but instead of walking, I feel as if I flow.

    I must walk through some woods, the winter touched trees looking very strange to me
    It is night, there is a full moon illuminating the bare limbs of the trees
    On the snowy ground, the shadows look like ominous things, things that just couldn't be
    They make me have an over whelming feeling, that I just want to flee.

    I don't know where I am going, as I follow this strange feeling, that seems to be guiding me
    It's funny, I can feel the cold, but when I blow into the frigid air, I should be able to see my breath
    This scares me, but from myself I cannot flee
    Something here is not right, it is making scared to death.

    This strange feeling on this unknown quest I am not able to stop
    In the cold and snow, I keep on going wondering where on earth I will end
    Soon on the horizon, I see some Christmas lights on house, on the top
    I feel as if I have walked all around and down and up.

    I am lead to the front door, I walk the walk way up to the house
    I knock on the door, then woman answers, when she sees me, she seems to faint
    I have to go into the house, so I do, and everything here is as quiet as a mouse
    Then I see a picture, with a black bow, to the owner here, this person looks like to them they were some kind of saint.

    The feeling draws me right to the picture, where I get a closer look
    But what I see, my eyes must be deceiving me
    I am so stunned, I believe I have been hit by some one's right hook
    See the picture of the person starring back, well it is me
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    Very good story, quite interesting.