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    The Wolverine's last film (until reboot of course). Great film that was probably one of my favourite X-Men films. I treated it as a standalone film and seriously, it works better that way. No exaggerated villain like in Apocalypse. There was more story in this one than any recent X-Men related film. The R-rating bugged me a little. Not the rating itself, but the fact that they wanted to make it so obvious. The film just started and already Wolverine is slashing limbs off. It would have been better to distract the audience from the rating until you finally get to the action and actually see some hard violence you don't see in a pg-13 film and the swearing felt out of place. I dunno, they just overdid it. Nothing against swearing, but with so many X-Men related film without swearing, they come out and swear every ten seconds. It felt out of place. But other than that it's a great film that lived up to it's expectations.