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    Folks there has been lots of speculation about the quality of these pieces. Very cautious customers wanting to know more about these items than the standard United Cutlery specifications before spending the $300.00 to $400.00 to purchase one. I was even one of them but after getting to see one and actually hold and examine one I am going to try and eliminate some of that doubt concerning the Full Sized Helmets.

    First off I got to tell you the moment I opened the box it reeked of the smell of leather. Now don't get me wrong I love the smell of leather but this was almost overwhelming. Good thing was however that the reason it is so strong is because it had been sealed for who know how long in that box. After finally getting it out that went away quickly as I was then overwhelmed by the beauty of these Dwarf Helm.

    The outside decorator box is beautiful itself with all the official pictures of all the other Lord of the Rings Items already out and the ones soon to come. But inside is the Helm surrounded by Styrofoam. Once out I seen for the first time a prop from the movie. Yea I know it is a replica of one of the props but it truly is a outstanding replica.

    Made from Iron plate the main body of the helm is entirely covered with leather inside and out so it is hard to tell what gauge the top of the helm is. around the brim is a decorative brass band of at least 10 gauge. The dome is adorned with the dwarf geometric shapes. all of the same gauge brass. Now here is the kicker and something that can not be determined from any specifications or pictures of the is helm. The side flaps, or ear protectors or flexible and will expand to accept just about any shape of head. Trust me I a large fellow, 645 lbs to be exact and the helm is as comfortable as a ball cap, seriously! The leather lining inside makes for a comfortable fit and the leather chin strap is adjustable for anyone and is embossed with dwarf designs as well. Even the inside where it is not seen is embossed with the same designs. The sides of the helm and the back are made form overlapping leather in geometric patterns braided together with leather strips for an exceptional look distinction. Truly worthy of a Master Dwarf!

    Inside the helm is a brass tag designating it is an official Lord of the Rings Replica and also bears the product # of 1 to -5000 limited edition. I got # 00040 :^)

    The stand is as beautiful as any of the plaques that has come out so far with all the swords. And on it is a brass and black lacquer emblem that stats it is The Helm of Gimli. The helm alone is 9" high and when placed on the table mount stand it is 15" high overall. The helm itself weighs in at 3lb - 8oz and the shipping weight is 9lbs

    I will have close up pictures of it and its parts up in the Gallery soon for all to enjoy. Bottom line is that if you have been wondering if it is the quality expected, as usual United has went all out to see that these Helms are of the quality expected fro fans and more. Good Job United.

    I could find no faults to say about this item, it is truly a work of art.

    United cutlery Specifications:

    Helm Material: Iron, embossed brass decorations of dwaf designs, antiqued finish. Genuine leather lined interior with embossed designs and braided leather lining at the crown. The neck guard is made of hand-braided leather intricately woven around overlapping brass plate. Individually serialized on a solid brass plate mounted on the inside back of the helmet to insure authenticity.
    Display: 9-1/2" x 9-3/4" x 6-7/8" wood with burned-edge finish. "The One Ring" inscription in gold silkscreen. Brass medallion. Hardware, instructions included. Remailer box.
    Fully functional and wearable
    Genuine leather lined interiors
    Wood display stands silkscreened with "The One Ring" inscription
    Limited edition of 5000 individually serialized pieces worldwide
    Reproduced from the actual prop helmets using only the finest grade materials and skilled hand craftsmanship. Includes a parchment certificate of authenticity.
    UC1384LTLB Limited Edition Helm of Gimli™
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