life and times of an internet legend...

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    abab is always my rhyming scheme
    also the same is my theme
    i write about anger i make up
    because in reality i'm a pudding cup

    i'm a pencil-necked prick
    a pimple-faced chick
    i can only curl ten pounds
    so with internet poetry i make the rounds

    i may not be able to talk to people at school
    but at least on the internet i can try to look cool
    an internet tough guy is what i want to be
    i just want people to pay attention to me

    my whole life i've been the forgotten son
    but now let me in on the fun
    i may be pathetic
    maybe the problem's genetic

    whatever it is, stop laughing at me
    just go on the internet, you'll see
    i'm funny, i'm smart, i'm cool it's true
    just read a few of my poems through