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    Name: Lewellyn Àndôr
    Age: 250 (about 19-20 in human years.)
    Sex: Female
    Race: Elf. nowhere in peticular, she roams.
    Appearance: Always wears her dark gray cloak. Depends if she feels secure enough, her clothes range from her purple one-sleeved shirt, to her black dragon-hide body suit. She is tall (4 inches over average) , mainly becuase of her long legs. She has straight, jet black hair that comes in between her shoulders and her butt. Her deep green eyes are hypnotizing. She has very pointed ears, and long fingers. About her long fingers and hieght, they do not look abnormal, but just stick out. She appears as if she looked anyother way, is would be extremely un normal.
    Personality: once you have her trust, don't break it. she will treat you as if you were King, and would give anything for you. She is a generous person. Always laughing around people she trusts. Her personality grants her the power of being a natural born leader.
    History: Always moving. She had her trust broken once, and now her trust doesn't come easy. She is extremely magical, and always being followed. She has a pure white horse. He doesn't like just anyone, and is as pure as a unicorn, but as fierce as a dragon, just like his owner.