Letters to Sam

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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    Do you know what you have done?
    What you done in the past will cost you a life with your son
    This child eyes and such a great future ahead
    I often wonder what he thinks about before he goes to bed

    I warned you of your fate years ago
    Now you face it, a tragedy you know
    No you will not recover, you will sadly die
    Joining the rest of our family in the sky

    You will rip apart the hearts of the one's who love you
    Even though I dislike you I love you, it's true
    I wanted you to be the nurse you wanted to be
    Maybe even make medical history

    Happiness and success I prayed for you
    Despite my past actions this is true
    Mom is doing handling this well
    For me this is emotional hell

    What about your impact to Jackie and Katie?, if you realize
    They are just kids and I can foresee the tears flowing from their eyes
    I can't pray to God to save your life because nothing will be done
    Your body is falling apart quicker than the clouds below the sun

    You were supposed to over come and achieve
    Not lie, steal and deceive
    Never surrender until death
    Yet you did years ago, as you said it under your breath