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Discussion in 'The Sword of Truth' started by blackrock, Oct 8, 2018.

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    Terry, where in the world or how to get into, is the real library at the Lord Rahl's palace? I could imagine right it's a real one, so the aisles are huge, but it's not like he doesn't have eons of grounds that aren't ever "the people's" palace, right?
    I would have thought Darken Rahl couldn't defeat the pagemasters, so like the high, towering, amazingly huge shelves of books, the halls you get lost in like perdition if you're no good, and the books the size of your lap or the table, or there about any Other kind of size.
    All language of High D'Haran would be in There, but that's cuz of what those are, for how to find it in the pagemaster halls. You'd have to know the sounds of that language to walk to that part of the library in the world. He'd have a LOT more fun doing that I'm pretty sure, playing with people, but it doesn't make sense to not bring Rachel and a lot of little kids.
    Can we have a book just of, maybe a novella, just of Richard playing in the real library with learners? It's a story I'd love to see, and I don't think everyone has to get hurt all the time. Where's the real library? Does Richard even dream about those? Can you get there from the Wizard's Keep? Probably it's a different one right, but even those books, weren't they just, hand books?

    have any of you been to a pagemaster library? Maculay Culkin are you here? I don't know who else has..
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    Ok , I just spoke to Terry and he told me the answers to some of your questions -

    1: That library is just near the KFC and to get into it you use the door .

    2: He didn't take Rachel cause she had hayfever and since that incident at that kindergarten he's legally not allowed within 200 metres of any little kids or kindergartens

    3: A new trilogy of books is planned that detail Richards adventures playing in the library with the learners . It's due out in 2026 .

    4: The library near KFC is the real one and to get there from the Wizards Keep you must have The Heretical Fathers Keychain which can be found in the lair of the Crab Knight and enough seahorse venom to subdue Captain Deadeye and his co-horts.

    5: I have been to a pagemaster library ... I got lost in my way to the KFC .

    6 : And finally there's a twist - I AM MACULAY CULKIN !! errr , nope sorry , I couldn't even type that without punching myself in the face.

    Hope this helps.