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    Legolas costume instructions

    Things You'll Need:

    * Thin green material
    * Dark green velour or suede
    * Silver or white silky material
    * Cardboard
    * Tinfoil
    * Wooden dowels
    * Feathers
    * Gray pants
    * Black boots
    * Black belt
    * Long straight wig
    * Modeling clay
    * Long stick

    1.Step 1:

    Create the tunic in a soft shade of green from velour or suede-like material. Cut the body in
    three pieces, one back and two front pieces. Make the sleeves short, cutting them in two pieces so
    they end just above the elbow and turn forward in a point. Angle the tunic's front ends so they reach
    just above the knee. Sew the sleeves first, joining the front to the back. Attach them to the back of
    the tunic, then to the two front halves. Sew down the sides of the front to attach it to the back.
    Pull the tunic together above the waist, with a black belt, worn loosely. Let it hang open from the
    waist to the knee.

    2.Step 2:

    Cut the fabric for the silky white shirt in three pieces, one back and two front pieces.
    Cut the sleeves so they come to a point below the elbow and are longer than the tunic sleeves.
    Give the shirt a high, rounded collar. The front closes with a frog button closure, in which satin
    loops fit over a button made like a satin knot. Make them by hand to be authentic, or buy them in a
    craft or fabric store. You can even leave them out since they won't show beneath the tunic.

    3.Step 3:

    Make armor to cover the forearms, using cardboard. Measure a piece of corrugated cardboard from
    the wrist to just below the elbow. Cut it wide enough to fit around your arm, leaving room to tape it
    closed. Cover the cardboard with tinfoil, with the dull side exposed. Add markings to the tinfoil to
    give it a design. Tape the armor closed with masking tape.

    4.Step 4:

    Make or buy a pair of loose gray pants in a soft fabric. For the loose look, buy a pair of
    sweatpants one size larger than you'd normally wear. They needn't be well defined, since only a small
    part of the pants show beneath the long tunic above the tall boots.

    5.Step 5:

    Make elven boots by modifying a pair you already have. Make your elven boots tall with no heel
    in dark gray or black, and have them reach almost to the knees. To get this look, buy a soft dark
    material and cover your boots loosely so they appear to have creases in them. Make the boots reach to
    the knee by attaching cardboard to your current pair. Cover the whole boot in dark gray fabric.

    6.Step 6:

    Make an elven cloak by cutting a long, thin piece of soft, green fabric. Measure it so it falls
    to just below the knees in back. Pin it in front, and throw it back over your shoulders like a blanket.

    7.Step 7:

    Make a quiver (a case to hold arrows) from a cardboard tube from a roll of wrapping paper.
    You can either add a flat cardboard end to the bottom, or loosen the tube's end and roll it so it
    forms a long cornucopia. Cover it with fabric or paper. Attach metal embellishments to give it an
    elegant design. Fasten a leather strap to the quiver so you can wear it on your back.
    Make arrows from straight wooden dowels with craft-store feathers attached. Make the tall
    elven bow by bending a large stick and tying string to either end.

    8.Step 8:

    Make pointed ears out of modeling clay to achieve the elven look. Wear a long, straight wig,
    braiding a thin section of hair down the back.
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