Leaving happy town

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    I live in my brain, but often refusing to go out o
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    I been searching my whole life to find peace
    As again I'm putting myself back together piece by piece
    My soul has a hole
    That is getting bigger and out of control

    I get so close only to be so far
    As I wasted so many nights praying and wishing upon a star
    Dreams are just fabrications of fantasy never meant to be true
    So I suppose my heart will be forever lost and blue

    To try so hard and seem to fail again
    Brings me back to a day when I was ten
    That best was never good enough for someone
    The boulder I seen to be carrying weighs about a ton

    I have cried so many nights sitting here alone
    Wishing someone would call me on my cell phone
    The silence that seems to come my way
    When things will be finally better, I doubt I will see the day

    So darkness my friend I turn to you
    For every painful premonition seems to be true
    The fire from with in has been put out
    As the remaining of my heart wanders about

    Either I'm not enough or it is just too much too soon
    Oh let me count the days of which I would love to end it before noon
    It is not a shock when you walk in my shoes
    As I seem to never give straight answers just a million clues